Get the Grades Bootcamp

Learn the exact study strategies you need to achieve your dream academic results FAST

The doors close on Sunday 20th February 2022...


Who is the Bootcamp for?

  • You’re a student in higher education – studying at university or college level for an academic or professional qualification
  • You’re a non-traditional student. Either a mature student returning to education after a break. Or a distance learner studying online. Or you’re studying while working and/or raising a family. You’re looking for advice on how to study around all the other commitments and responsibilities you have
  • You’re at the beginning of your course looking to learn HOW to study effectively from the get-go...
  • ...Or you’re mid-way or near the end of your course and you want to to fill the gaps in your study skills so you can achieve higher grades and graduate with the best qualification possible
  • You feel like you were never taught HOW to learn properly. You regularly feel overwhelmed with your workload and like you’re just winging your studying and assessments without a clear plan or strategy
  • You're strapped for time and energy so you need to learn how to study more efficiently to get the most bang for your buck (i.e. better results in less time)
  • You've been trying to improve your grades for a while but nothing seems to work. You’re starting to wonder if you’re just not capable of achieving higher grades (FYI this is not true – you are 100% capable of achieving top grades and I can help you)
  • You want to build and stick to good study habits but you’re not sure how, or you start and then lose motivation or momentum
  • You struggle with studying confidently. When you experience a low grade or a bad study week you really struggle to pick yourself back up
  • You know that learning how to learn is a skill that will serve you for life – in all future studying but also in your career and personal life…so it’s worth investing in today.

Who is the Bootcamp NOT for?

  • You’re under 18 and not studying at a higher education level
  • You’re looking for someone to wave a magic wand and give you higher grades without you having to do any work
  • You’re not willing or you’re unable to invest money in learning how to learn
  • You're not able to commit time over the coming month or so to learn how to learn
  • You're not willing to try new ideas or challenge your beliefs and perspectives
  • You're perfectly happy with your current studying reality – grades, productivity, focus and confidence.

Why do you need to enrol in the Bootcamp?

Acing your education isn’t about being the most intelligent student in the room, or even the most hardworking.

Achieving the grades you really want requires learning how to learn and developing key study skills.

GREAT NEWS! Any student (including you) can learn this stuff. The thing is…we're not born with study skills – they need to be taught or developed over time.

There’s a serious problem here.

Your school didn't teach you how to learn…but your university expects you to arrive already knowing this stuff.

They expect you to know or be able to pick up very bloody quickly how to:

– write academically

– be productive

– take great notes

– write cracking essays

– engage in critical thinking

– remember concepts and recall them in exams

...and so much more.

Your university isn’t teaching you this stuff. They’re focusing on teaching you WHAT to study – your subject material – which means they don’t focus on teaching you HOW to study.

So no one has ever bothered to teach you to HOW to learn...but you need to know how this to do well in higher education...bloody brilliant!

This means that YOU have to take responsibility for developing the study skills you need to achieve the grades you want.

YOU have to make sure that alongside DOING your studying, you're also learning how to do it more effectively.

But don't worry, you don't have to go it alone…I’ve got the solution.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the Get the Grades Bootcamp?

When you enrol in the Bootcamp...
  • You'll finally understand how to play the learning game. You’ll understand the boxes you need to tick to achieve great grades – the learning outcomes you need to meet for your university to award you top results
  • You'll walk away with a master study plan + schedule that fits with YOUR course, lifestyle and learning goals. No cookie-cutter study plans here. You’ll get my expert guidance to create a bespoke study schedule with you
  • You'll discover smart, tried-and-tested study methods and I’ll help you to build a personalised toolkit of strategies that align perfectly with your course. You’ll know exactly how to approach reading, note taking, assignment writing and exam preparation so that you can secure the grades you've always wanted
  • You'll finally be a confident learner. You’ll understand that studying is meant to push you but you’ll feel assured and positive knowing that you WILL be able to overcome these obstacles and become a better student and person for them
  • You'll feel a bazillion times LESS stressed. You’ll build effective study habits and routines so that you start each week knowing the exact study tasks you need to work on, and finish the week having made awesome progress towards your study goals
  • You'll spend LESS time studying. If you’re studying alongside other commitments then your free time is likely kinda non-existent, right? Well it won’t be when you complete the Bootcamp. I kinda hate the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’ as it isn’t the full story. BUT…the sentiment is true. In the Bootcamp you’ll learn how to study with more productivity and focus. And you’ll learn how to study in the right way so you don’t waste time on pointless study activities (something I see A LOT of students do). This means that you’ll get your studying done faster each week giving you more time for yourself
  • Pretty obvious with the name ‘Get the Grades’ but you’ll achieve higher grades. Writing a great essay or acing an exam requires knowing exactly how to do well in assessments, and developing the right study skills. I’ll teach you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to smash all your assessments so your grades SOAR. Follow my advice and I guarantee your marks will increase immediately
  • You'll feel more motivated and proactive in your studies. You’ll learn how to create realistic study plans that bring you closer towards your study goals...and then actually achieve them. I'll teach you how to maintain your motivation and increase your attention span so you can get yourself out of a studying funk, get your studying done when you say you will and make consistent progress
  • You'll feel less alone in your studies. You’ll join a supportive, encouraging community of students in similar positions to you. I was a mature student, distance learner and I worked full-time so I understand the stressors you face. The community will encourage you when you’re feeling down or unmotivated and we’ll celebrate your studying wins to boost your confidence and motivation
  • You'll learn skills for LIFE. The ability to learn quickly and effectively is, hands down, THE most important skill you’ll ever learn. The world of work is changing which means you’re not gonna be able to simply complete your degree and stop learning. To stay employable you’re going to need to constantly evolve your skills and develop your knowledge. This won’t be a problem for you because you’ll finally understand HOW to learn. So not only will the Bootcamp help you in your current studying situation, the things you learn will also serve you in all your future studying and career endeavours.

The Bootcamp logistics

Start date: 21st February

End date: 20th March (plus membership access until 30th April)

Live training sessions: Thursday 24th February 19:00-21:00 UK time
Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th March 10:30-18:00 UK time
Two additional group calls between 7th and 20th March

Price: £375 (or 3 monthly payments of £125 or 6 monthly payments of £63)

Location: virtual (Zoom for trainings, Slack for the community and a web portal for the resources and training recordings)

Capacity: 35 (25 new Bootcampers and 10 alumni)

How does the Bootcamp work?

Week 1: 21st - 27th February

  • Private community opens + get to know your fellow Bootcampers
  • Dive into the initial trainings in the portal on the learning fundamentals
  • Join the first live session on the eve of the 24th February (or catch up on the recording)

Week 2: 28th February - 6th March

  • Accountability support in the private community
  • Training weekend 5th/6th March split into sessions covering the core study skills areas: mindset, productivity, organisation, note taking, essay writing and exam preparation

Week 3: 7th - 13th March

  • Support as you implement your new study techniques and build new study habits
  • Ongoing accountability support to help you stay on track with your study plan
  • First group ‘hot seat’ coaching call where every Bootcamper gets personalised studying and mindset coaching from me

Week 4: 14th - 20th March

  • Ongoing accountability and support in the private community
  • One-on-one support to finalise your master study plans, schedules and toolkits of strategies 
  • Second group ‘hot seat’ coaching call

Weeks 5-10: 21st March - 30th April

  • Once the Bootcamp support ends you will be granted access to my membership, the Kickbutt Students Club, for 6 weeks of community, accountability, group support and virtual study sessions
  • Enjoy first access to The Fundamentals access when it launches end of March (more details below)

What will you learn in the Bootcamp?

Sometimes the idea of ‘study skills’ can seem a bit vague. So let’s demystify it. Here is what you’ll learn, step-by-step, in the interactive, empowering trainings in the Bootcamp:

  • The fundamentals of learning – the ‘secrets’ that only some students are taught but that every student needs to know to do well.
  • How to develop strong study habits that boost your motivation and productivity. 
  • My method for creating a study plan that works for your course and life...and that you can actually stick to. 
  • A simple, effective system for organising all your physical and digital materials. 
  • Strategies for reinvigorating your study motivation to take you from ‘but I just don’t feel like studying’ to making consistent, proactive progress. 
  • Exactly how to develop a stronger, more confident, more positive studying mindset.
  • Techniques for snapping out of a studying funk so you can go after the results you want.
  • Tips and tricks for squeezing the most productivity out of your precious study you can complete your studying faster each week.
  • How to take notes in the best way for YOUR subject, assessment strategy and learning style.
  • Strategies to work out where you should focus your reading attention so you're not spending hours each week reading material that's unhelpful for your assessments.
  • Strategies for boosting your focus and discipline during your study sessions.
  • How to break down essay topics/questions so you understand the task and can write the CORRECT essay...and your tutor can award you the high marks.
  • Step-by-step methods for planning, writing and editing high-grade essays, including how to write great introductions and conclusions, how to structure your sentences and paragraphs, how to form strong, coherent arguments...etc.
  • What the feck critical thinking is and how to develop these reading, thinking and writing skills so that you can impress your tutors and nab the high grades.
  • How to use your feedback + reflection to improve your marks with each assignment.
  • Strategies for improving your understanding, memory + recall of key course material.
  • How to create a revision schedule that isn’t overwhelming and that actually prepares you for your exams.
  • Science-backed techniques for effective, productive exam preparation.
  • Tips and tricks to boost your in-exam performance so you can achieve the best grades possible.

What do you think your day-to-day studying AND grades would look like if you knew how to do this stuff?

Here's what's included in the Get The Grades Bootcamp


Live, virtual study skills training programme

On the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd October, we’ll meet in Zoom for multiple training sessions. During these interactive workshops, I’ll share my expert advice and guidance on the core study skills areas: motivation, mindset, productivity, organisation, note taking, essay writing, and exam preparation. There will be simple exercises to help you embed your learning and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me as many questions as you’d like.

There will also be an introductory session on the 23rd September where we’ll get to know each other, review your current study skills, and walk through my learning fundamentals...all to set you up for an epic Bootcamp.


One month of accountability, coaching and support

Group and one-on-one support as you begin to tweak your study routines and implement your new methods. I’ll work with you to tailor the Bootcamp strategies to fit your course, lifestyle and learning goals. This is where we’ll work together to create your personalised study schedule and toolkit.


Private, supportive community

You’ll be able to connect with all the other awesome, like-minded Bootcampers who are going through the same challenges as you. You’ll feel buoyed up and inspired by each other’s experiences and finally have a safe space to share what’s really going on for you on your studying journey – the highs and the lows. 


Lifetime access to the trainings and resources

Each video training will be recorded and uploaded into a portal with lifetime access. So don’t worry if you can’t attend all the sessions live. You can catch up and then ask me any and all your questions after the Bootcamp weekend.

And you’ll be able to dive back in throughout all your future studying to refresh and uplevel your skills – once a Bootcamper, always a Bootcamper. Anddd you’ll get access to the crap-ton of resources, printables and worksheets you can use to achieve better results, faster.


2 'hot seat' coaching calls

After the Bootcamp weekend I’ll hold two additional group ‘hot seat’ calls. Everyone who attends live will get coaching from me. We can talk through a specific studying problem or just see what comes up.  For example, bring along an essay question for me to help you breakdown, bring along some essay feedback you want me to decipher, get my help in creating a note taking strategy or exam revision schedule – whatever you want. These calls are a great opportunity to learn from the group too and they’ll be recorded for those who can’t attend live.


**BONUS** One-on-one call

Sometimes you just need some ‘Chloe and you’ time. Included in this round of the Bootcamp is a 30-minute call that you can use anytime within 3 months of the Bootcamp. Bring along any and all your studying questions, get my coaching to help you resolve a mindset issue, or simply give me an update on your studies and we’ll see where I can offer some advice.


**BONUS** 6 weeks' access to the Kickbutt Students Club membership (for non-existing members)

The Bootcamp will teach you HOW to study and my membership, the Kickbutt Students Club, will support you with DOING your studying.

Once the Bootcamp support finishes 20th March you will be welcomed into my membership for ongoing accountability, virtual study sessions, coaching and motivation to help you stick to your study plans…oh and you’ll get a welcome pack of goodies posted to your house!


**BONUS** founding student access to The Fundamentals

Enrolment to this Bootcamp also includes founding student access to my brand new learning programme – The Fundamentals – coming at the end of March 2022.

A big question I’ve been trying to answer for years is, why do some students forge ahead with academic achievement and others don’t? It's NOT because they're more intelligent. It's because they've been taught HOW to learn. They've been given the secrets to academic success.

My Bootcamp is a part of the solution to levelling the playing field – helping you to develop your study skills in the core areas of mindset, productivity, organisation, note taking, essay writing and exam preparation. But there are more fundamental lessons than that…and this is what my new programme is going to cover.

It’ll be the first step I recommend EVERY student goes through if they want to become a better and more successful learner. And luckily for you, this round of the Bootcamp includes access. I’ll be teaching parts of the programme throughout the Bootcamp and asking for your feedback. Then you’ll get first access to the shiny version once it’s released in March.



Or 3 x £125 or 6 x £63

  • Live, virtual study skills training programme
  • 1 month of accountability, coaching and support
  • Private, supportive community for motivation + encouragement
  • Lifetime access to the trainings + resources
  • 2 additional 'hot seat' coaching calls
  • **BONUS** One-on-one call for additional, personalised guidance
  • **BONUS** 6 weeks access to the Kickbutt Students Club membership
  • **BONUS** Founding student access to The Fundamentals

On the checkout page you'll have the option to pay in full and get a bonus 1:1 call with me, or sign up to pay in monthly instalments.

Why should you learn from me?

Hey, I’m Chloe.

I’m a study skills expert on a mission to teach university students how to study effectively...because your school didn't teach you and your university doesn't think it's their responsibility.

I’m no Hermione Granger, or Rory Gilmore. I don’t have a perfect academic record and I failed a crap-ton of exams at school. I even left school at 18 with low grades and zero desire to go to I ran away to live in Barbados for a few years instead.

I returned to study in my 20s and completed a Business degree while working full-time (and trying to have a social life). This was a big investment of time and money for me so I was determined to achieve a First-class degree.

To achieve this I knew I had to ditch my old study habits and learn how to study effectively...FAST!

After cursing my schooling for not teaching me this stuff, I put on my big girl pants and started teaching myself how to study. I spent time researching HOW to learn effectively. I tested and tweaked heaps of strategies and created my own until I discovered what worked.

My stress dropped, my confidence grew, AND my grades started to climb until I was achieving distinctions in every module. And after four years I graduated with a First-Class degree, despite working full-time and being an academic failure at school.

Since then I’ve set up my own business and have worked with thousands of students from all over the world studying a bazillion different subjects. I’ve become an Ambassador for The Open University and delivered study skills workshops for them and other universities.

I’ve become certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a powerful mindset approach I use to help my clients develop strong, confident growth mindsets. I’ve published The Return to Study Handbook, specifically for non-traditional learners, and I’m the host of the 5-star rated Chloe Made Me Study podcast. I'm also half-way through a qualification to become a Specialised Study Tutor for students with Specific Learning Differences.

I live and breatheeeeee this stuff.

My mission is to support any student who’s brave enough to return to study to get the grades they need for the career and life they want. 

I don’t want you to struggle like I did. Studying is challenging, but I can help make your journey a lot easier, and dare I say it...even enjoyable!

Why should you join the Bootcamp today?

You could choose not to enrol and try to figure this out on your own. But, that's going to take you a lot longer and your results will be slower.

Each and every assignment or exam grade you achieve is impacting your final degree classification.

If you're achieving super high grades - woohoo! But if your grades are low, are getting lower, or are not at the level you want to graduate with, it's time to act NOW. The longer you wait to improve your grades the harder it's going to be. 

And, if we're totally honest with each other? If you could figure this out on your own you would have done that already.

Instead, make your life easy.

How much time are you wasting faffing about, getting distracted, feeling frozen in overwhelm or putting off starting essays or revision for fear of failure? How much time are you wasting creating study plans and to-do lists you can’t stick to?

I know you’re a busy student and struggle to find time to study. So I want you to make the most out of the time you DO have, and squeeze every last drop of grade-boosting value out of your study time.

And how much energy are you using up stressing about your studies? Doubting yourself and your abilities? Beating yourself up for not studying when you said you would...again?

When you get home from work or when you’ve finally put the kids to bed and it’s time to’s hard to find the energy to hit the books. Well imagine how much easier it would be and how much more motivated you’d feel if you...wait for it...started enjoying your studies more? If you gained your confidence back and felt empowered to tackle any challenges your education throws at you?

Imagine how much easier your whole darn life would be if we took care of the studying part – made it smoother, less of a struggle, a lot more fun.

I've been learning about study skills for the past TEN years. I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of £££ learning HOW to study in the most effective way, HOW to develop a strong mindset that's going to make studying more enjoyable and less stressful.

But I don't want you to have to spend TEN years and multiple thousands of £££ to learn how to study effectively.

Because I can teach you right now for just £375.

A typical 3-year degree in the UK costs £27,750 in fees alone.

For less than 1.4% of that you can take action to ensure you come out of that degree with the grades you need for the career and life you want.

Now, this round of the Bootcamp has just 35 spaces. And I won't be running another one until much later in 2022. And this round of the Bootcamp comes with founding student access to The Fundamentals at no extra cost!

Are you happy with where your grades are right now?

Are you happy with the time, energy and stress it's taking you to achieve these grades?

If your current grades continued would you come out with a degree you're really proud of?

If the answer to any of these is're gonna want to join me in the upcoming Bootcamp.

One month from now, if you don’t enrol in the Bootcamp, what will your studying look like? More of the same? Overwhelm, stress, procrastination?

One month from now you'll be a month closer to your graduation. You could also be kicking back because you’ve finished all your study tasks and the only thing left on your to-do list is to relaaaaaaax.

I’m here to help. I know you can become a more successful student and actually enjoy the process.

I’ve already helped 1000s do it. Now I want to help you.

All you’ve gotta do is say yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timings for the Bootcamp live trainings?

Thursday 24th February – 19:00-21:00 UK time – welcome call where we'll get to know each other and review your current study skills. I'll walk you through my learning fundamentals to prime you for the Bootcamp training and building some awesome new study habits.

Saturday 5th March – 10:30-18:00 UK time to include breaks – approx. 6 hours of trainings covering motivation, mindset, productivity, organisation, procrastination and note taking.

Sunday 6th March – 10:30-18:00 UK time to include breaks – approx. 6 hours of trainings deep-diving into essay writing and exam preparation.

Do I have to join all the sessions live?

Not at all. Every session will be recorded and added to the portal for lifetime access.

There are obviously benefits to attending all or most of the live trainings and coaching calls but it’s more important that you set aside time to catch up on any missed sessions and engage with the support available.

The magic is in the content and support rather than having perfect attendance.

Does it matter what subject/course I'm studying?

Nope – and I’m super proud of this part. Any higher education student studying any subject can join the Bootcamp. Why? Because I don't need to be an expert in your subject-matter as I'm an expert in study skills.

The Bootcamp trainings teach the core study skills that EVERY student needs to know. Then the group and one-on-one support and coaching included will help you to tailor them to the needs of your specific subject and course.

This means that rather than potentially working with a subject tutor to help you with the content for your current course, you can work with me – a learning coach – to teach you the strategies and mindset shifts you need to improve how you study in general – so you can achieve better grades and results in all your future learning. 

I studied Business but I've coached people who are studying Social Sciences, Human Resources Management, Humanities, Law, Education, Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Nursing, Engineering, Architecture, Physical Sciences, Childcare, Classical Studies, English Literature, Occupational Therapy, Accounting...and so many more.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Bootcamp is £375 which can be split into monthly instalments. See the next FAQ for details.

A typical 3-year degree in the UK costs £27,750 in fees alone.

It's a shit-ton of money, right? But for that money your university isn't going to actually teach you HOW to learn effectively.

They're going to insist on you being an independent learner without teaching you how to do so. They're going to talk about study skills without guiding you on how to develop these. They're going to focus on teaching you the material (or directing you to teach it to yourself)...but they're not going to teach you how to learn effectively in ALL your future learning.

I'm going to do that but I'm NOT going to charge you £27k.

For just 1.4% of that you can enrol in my Bootcamp and finally take control of your own learning. By enrolling you'll take action to ensure you come out of that degree with the grades you need for the career and life you want.

Do you offer payment plans to split the cost?

I'm offering two standard payment plans that will split the cost into three or six monthly instalments.

However, I am always happy to consider other payment plans as I want everyone who wants to enrol in the Bootcamp to be able to. If you would like to discuss a different payment plan or the option to pay a small deposit now and then start a plan on your next pay day then get in touch – no judgement at all. 

Please reach out over email ( or via Instagram DM (@chloe.burroughs) and we can have a chat.

What do you mean by 'lifetime access'?

You will have a login to access all the training recordings, slides and PDF goodies for life. If/when I remove the course you will be able to download everything first. So it's yours for keeps, forever.

Is the Bootcamp only for undergraduate students?

Because study skills aren’t taught at school or at university, every student’s understanding of how to learn is going to be different. This means that even students who’ve been studying at a higher education level for years will have gaps in their study skills that are holding them back.

With the Bootcamp I start from the beginning, the foundations, and then build up to more advanced strategies. This makes it great for students at the beginning of their undergraduate studies or for students near the end of their degree or part-way through a postgraduate qualification.

What if I have other questions?

If you want to talk to me directly to find out whether you're the right fit for this programme send me an email at or message me on Instagram @chloe.burroughs and we can have a chat



Or 3 x £125 or 6 x £63

  • Live, virtual study skills training programme
  • 1 month of accountability, coaching and support
  • Private, supportive community for motivation + encouragement
  • Lifetime access to the trainings + resources
  • 2 additional 'hot seat' coaching calls
  • **BONUS** One-on-one call for additional, personalised guidance
  • **BONUS** 6 weeks access to the Kickbutt Students Club membership
  • **BONUS** Founding student access to The Fundamentals

On the checkout page you'll have the option to pay in full and get a bonus 1:1 call with me, or sign up to pay in monthly instalments.

What my students have to say

Ashleigh Pearce

International Studies graduate, UK

"Before receiving help from Chloe I was struggling to meet the scores I needed to gain the results necessary for my course and at the end of my second year of university I was failing. I struggled with motivation, mindset, confidence and the critical thinking skills I so badly needed.

When I first signed up for Chloe’s bootcamp I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been. Chloe presents and breaks down each step very well and it is such an enjoyable experience working with her. By the end of Bootcamp I was extremely motivated and felt I had gained skills that would help me improve in almost all areas of my work. I was able to use the tools Chloe gave me to think differently about assignment questions and my results improved from 60% to 80%.

The help Chloe has given me throughout my third year was invaluable and the only regret I have is not getting involved with her sooner."

Lauren Talevski

Commerce and Law student, Australia

“Chloe’s Bootcamp was amazing! Before I was really struggling to find a way to study effectively. She gave me different techniques for studying  - particularly essays where I didn’t know how to start and break it down. Now I do!

I was also really struggling with motivation, it was good to know that there are others that struggle not just me and then to know how to overcome that and keep going.

I can’t thank Chloe enough for giving me a new outlook on my study. I was able to pass all my units and achieve high marks in my exams (in the 80s) after battling with lots of failed subjects and having to take a year and a half off because of it.”

Alexandra Grzedzicki

Education and Psychology student, UK

"I think I have thanked Chloe way too much over the last few days…your Bootcamp has been incredible and I already feel much more confident, especially after hearing your strategies for procrastination. I’ve literally put the Bootcamp down in my gratitude journal today as it’s been so amazing.

Before joining the Bootcamp my confidence and studying mindset was low and I struggled massively with managing my time, organising my study schedule, managing procrastination and my entire assignment writing process. My grades increased almost instantly from the 70s to now achieving 90-95%. The Bootcamp taught me so much, the best things being that my studying is now much less stressful now AND I actually look forward to studying!”

Holly Richards

Law student, UK

"My study skills used to be average, and my grades were in the 50s and 60s but, with Chloe's help, I'm now feeling a lot more positive and I'm so excited to smash my degree. Since the Bootcamp I've achieved two 85% grades in my essays! Every training session in the Bootcamp made me see something in a different light and I loved interacting with other students. I've noticed a big difference in my mindset already. 

If you want to improve your study skills and learn how to get high grades…Chloe’s Bootcamp is the only way forward - excellent trainings, helpful guidance and a lovely person in general!" 

Andrea Murray

Applied Linguistics (MA) student, UK

"My grades weren't as good as I'd like them to be and my study skills were inconsistent, I couldn't stick with anything and felt I wasn't good enough. Chloe taught me how to think flexibly and so much fell into place during the essay training. Chloe had a suggestion for an approach or solution no matter what study problem we came up with. Her explanations were always really clear and backed up with understandable examples. Everyone in the group was really friendly and positive – it was great to know I’m not alone!

My mindset has completely changed, I'm so much more positive. I'm studying even when tired which was a real problem for me, my planning is much better and I'm no longer beating myself up when things don't go according to plan. It's still hard work but I'm actually looking forward to my next module instead of dreading it. I'm even looking forward to my next essay so that I can give the essay planning strategies a go!

This Bootcamp was worth every penny, I’m so glad I took the time and effort to invest in myself. I’m so much more relaxed about my studies and my family have noticed the difference too!”


Education and International Development (MA) student, UK

“I was in a very bad place with my essay writing right before the Bootcamp and was tying myself in knots about it. I kept procrastinating and putting it off and then stressing so much about it. I enrolled in the Bootcamp specifically to improve my essay writing skills and it worked - long live your Table Method! I loved all the Bootcamp trainings. I really liked your presentation style, Chloe. It was engaging, bite-sized, fun and each module built on the previous one. It was a lot of content and your curriculum design made it manageable.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself since the Bootcamp has been my mindset. This term I’ve been procrastinating a lot less, my approach is more focused and my mindset is more confident and positive. I would definitely recommend the Bootcamp to other students, even if you are a postgraduate student like me. You might not have been taught these skills in your professional life or previous academic journey. It’s important to build a solid foundation and fill in any missing gaps. Go for it!”

Laura Harvey

Arts and Humanities student, UK

“Chloe - you are amazing! Thank you so much! I dithered about enrolling in the Bootcamp for a few days because I hadn’t really understood what you could do for me. My thoughts now? What you can do is MAGIC! I followed your Instagram for a while and was picking up useful hints and tips so I decided to enrol in the Bootcamp because I wanted a quick way to improve my skills and grades drastically. Before the Bootcamp, my grades were very mixed. Some high scores and some around 55-65. My study skills were poor and my scores dropped a lot when I moved from level 1 to level 2.

I loved being able to attend the Bootcamp from home, and to know that other learners were in the same boat as me. It was great that I could ask questions and get your answers during the trainings. I would say all of my study skills have improved since the Bootcamp. My time management and planning skills got the biggest kick up the you-know-what they’ve ever had - and well overdue too! I’ve learned so much about mindset, motivation, productivity - I feel like a completely different student! I’m happier and more confident, I’ve learned how to work with my feedback (rather than being scared of it!) and I’m no longer terrified of picking modules that have exams because I’ve learned how to revise effectively.

I’ve learned so much and I love that I can go back in and recap before each new module. If I manage to improve from a 2:1 to a First (which I feel could definitely happen now), I’ll raise a glass to you on my celebration day! To anyone thinking of enrolling - do it! You’d be mad not to. If you want friendly, supportive help with tried-and-tested techniques, talk to Chloe. It is the best decision of the year I’ve made so far!”

Christina Dömer

Economics student, Germany

After the decision to start studying part time and with distance learning I quickly realised that it needs far more organisation and self-discipline than I thought. I’m not a full-time student and I don’t have any lectures where I can take notes or ask questions. I need to get through my material alone! But there was a light at the end of tunnel when I stumbled across a post by Chloe on Pinterest. And for the first time I felt understood and got tips for my unique study situation from someone who was in the same situation as me and shared her experiments.

If you really want to be a pro at all these skills, you should work with here in the Get the Grades Bootcamp. An intensive weekend where all the topics like organisation, mindset, note taking, revision etc is covered. It will give you a huge motivation boost as you realised, you’re not alone with the questions and uncertainties but you’ll also meet like minded people from all over the world you learn from.

Since the first Bootcamp I feel more at ease with my studying as my note taking, organisation and mindset improved. The most important thing I learned during my work with Chloe: studying does not have to be unpleasant but can also be fun!

Abbi Victoria

Psychology student, UK

"Before I joined the Bootcamp my study skills were pretty poor and I was barely passing my course. I loved everything about the Bootcamp and my biggest breakthrough was learning how to breakdown and understand an essay question - I’m even excited to start my next essay now! The only thing I’m disappointed with is that I did not find you sooner than I did! I’m so glad to have you to guide me through the last final pushes of my degree as, after this weekend, this is the most confident I have felt as a student! For anyone thinking of joining, 100% do it!"



Or 3 x £125 or 6 x £63

  • Live, virtual study skills training programme
  • 1 month of accountability, coaching and support
  • Private, supportive community for motivation + encouragement
  • Lifetime access to the trainings + resources
  • 2 additional 'hot seat' coaching calls
  • **BONUS** One-on-one call for additional, personalised guidance
  • **BONUS** 6 weeks access to the Kickbutt Students Club membership
  • **BONUS** Founding student access to The Fundamentals

On the checkout page you'll have the option to pay in full and get a bonus 1:1 call with me, or sign up to pay in monthly instalments.

The doors close on Sunday 20th February 2022...


I am SO excited to open up the doors to the NINTH round of the Bootcamp

Hands down the BEST part of my job is watching students transform in front of my eyes (or on a Zoom call!). When I first start working with a student, I can see and hear their tension, doubts and overwhelm.

But with my support, coaching and guidance they become completely different students. They gain so much confidence, they start to enjoy hitting the books, and studying suddenly feels easy for the first time ever.

But these transformations can sometimes feel out of reach. You may be reading this and reading the reviews from past Bootcampers and thinking, "But I can never do that."

And I get it, I was where you are once. But the thing is, we don't know what we don't know. If you've never been taught HOW to study (I wasn't), then you're not going to know that all the problems, challenges and doubts you experience are solvable with simple but powerful techniques.

I've made it my mission over the last 9 years to learn this stuff. But you don't have to. Come join us for 1 weekend and I'll give you everything you need to know to seriously transform your confidence, productivity, happiness and grades. 

I know you are so much more capable than you think. But you don’t need to be confident in yourself before joining the Bootcamp. Let me believe in you and support you first and it will soon come.

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