In this episode, I dive into the transformative concept of productive struggle and how it can be a secret weapon for your academic success. I’ll demystify what productive struggle actually is, highlighting the difference between productive and unproductive struggle. Then, I’ll share 7 simple, practical strategies to help you navigate and embrace productive struggle, so

Last week (episode 148) we looked at her positive studying traits, so now we’re going to look at the reasons why Hermione Granger is NOT a great student. Some of her behaviours are OK at a certain dose but Hermione takes them to an unhelpful or unhealthy level. Then, some of her qualities are not

There’s a lot of bad studying advice out there, so it’s no wonder that a lot of students are revising for exams in the wrong way. Could this be you? Do you find exam revision stressful? Do you struggle to commit the important stuff to memory and regurgitate it effectively in an exam? Do your

Sitting an exam in person, in an exam hall, can be a pretty stressful experience. But in-person exams have been the norm for most universities forever so it may feel a little daunting to have to sit an online exam at home. Or you may be thinking ‘yippee!’ at the thought of an online exam.

Are you guilty of taking study notes and then not using them again? Of spending hours each week completing your reading and notes but finding they’re not helpful when it comes to writing your essays or preparing for your exams? Well, it’s time to stop taking pointless study notes. There are some common mistakes I

There’s A LOT of bad note taking advice out there. Some of it’s well-meaning. Some of it is half-true but important parts have been lost. Others are just bits of advice that get parroted around the Internet until no one knows where they came from. Well today my study buddies, I’m going to debunk these myths

The most common note taking advice from tutors is to ‘write notes in your own words.’ But, we’re never really taught why we should do this and how to actually do this. In this blog post I’m going to share the reasons why you might write verbatim (word-for-word) notes, reasons why you should write notes in

Exam success is made up of two ingredients: exam preparation and exam performance. I’ve written a good few blog posts about revision so this post will share 13 (yes, 13!) awesome strategies you can use IN your exam to seriously skyrocket your exam performance and achieve more marks.13 ways to skyrocket your exam performance1. Get

What’s scarier than one exam? Multiple exams!Sometimes life thinks it’s funny and decides to dump alllll the fun on us at once. If that’s you, and you’ve got a few exams coming up then sit tight because I’ve got some awesome strategies and tips to help you revise effectively for multiple exams with less stress