Do you struggle with imposter syndrome sometimes in your studies? Do you ever feel like a bit of a fraud that isn’t good enough to be studying this subject at this level? Imposter syndrome can strike students in different ways. When you get a low grade it can make you believe that this is your

It’s time for another interview episode with inspiring student, Lisa-Jane, who shares more about her university journey, how she integrates her studying into her busy family and work life, and how she’s achieving career progression despite only being part way through her degree. In this episode, Lisa-Jane shares about her journey to returning to study

You could continue to beat yourself up about not being able to achieve your goals and stick to new habits…OR you could learn how to make study goal setting and habit forming easy. Whether you’re checking out this episode in the new year, the start of a new academic year, or a random Wednesday in

Sometimes you’re tired and unmotivated and the last thing you want to do is sit at your desk and force feed knowledge into your brain…but you know that you still need to make progress in your studies after an awful day. While sometimes the answer may be rest and some time away from your textbooks,

It may seem like a fairytale but I promise you it’s possible to get more studying done in less time. Without realising it, you are likely wasting a hefty amount of your precious time on ineffective and inefficient studying. And I know that you don’t have lots of time to waste. You wanna tick off

Fed up of feeling overwhelmed by your studies? Whether you’ve got a to-do list the length of your arm or a big, scary task that you have no idea how to tackle, overwhelm is a not-so-great place to be in your studies. When you feel overwhelmed by your studies you lose motivation, you feel stressed

Would you like to study with more positivity? It’s normal to have bad study days – where your workload is overwhelming, your tasks are really hard and for every step forward it feels like you fall two steps back. Well, in this post you’re going to learn how to study with more positivity. We’ll talk

Have you ever wished you could be more lucky in your studies? That only the topics you know about appear on your exam paper? That you luck out and bosh out a great essay without too much effort? In this post I want to share exactly how to be more lucky in your studies. We’re

Do you find yourself making these mistakes at the start of a new academic year? Whether you’re a new student or a returning student partway through a course, the start of a new academic year can be a stressful and overwhelming time. There’s a lot of expectations flying around – most of them of you