You could be the most productive student ever, with the world’s smartest study strategies, but if your brain is being a jerk and your mind is full of negative thoughts, you’re gonna make zero progress. Your mindset is SO important for your studying success. It’s the gatekeeper to your progress so if your brain is

Do you struggle to push yourself to study? Do you find it difficult to make progress when you’re tired or unmotivated? Do you struggle to persevere when you hit a challenge or start doubting yourself? I’ve been where you are and completely understand the frustration of feeling like you can’t just push yourself to study

2021 has started off well, right?! Worldwide education continues to be affected by the covid-19 pandemic and further restrictions have made it much harder to study during lockdown. While a lot is out of our control right now, there ARE steps we can take to boost our motivation and productivity, and strengthen our mindset and

Having to study over Christmas kinda sucks, right? It would be wonderful to take 2 weeks off and purely lounge in your PJs, drink mulled wine and watch Elf for the 76th time… …but your education has other ideas. The first thing you’ll discover in this episode is whether you really NEED to study over

In honour of my 30th birthday, I want to share with you 30 lessons and pieces of advice that I’ve picked up along the way, to help you achieve greater happiness, personal growth and academic success. Turning 30 is a pretty big deal and as the good little student I am, I wanted to use

Are you fed up with getting feedback on your essays that says, “your writing is too descriptive” or “not enough critical writing and analysis” or “you wasted too many words on describing”? Critical writing and thinking can be confusing, and writing in this style can feel completely alien. But staying safe with descriptive writing is

Settle in for an awesome interview episode where I chat to Becky Strafford, a masters student and lifelong learner. Becky shares her journey from traditional student to employee, to business owner and now non-traditional student – while raising her two daughters and renovating her house! You’ll hear about the bizarre career advice Becky received, the

Settle in for an awesome interview episode where I chat to Lou Robinson, a fabulous non-traditional student who demonstrates that the path to academic success is not a straight line. Lou shares her winding, twisty journey from school to gaining work experience, to studying towards a number of qualifications before finding the course and career

Are you guilty of taking study notes and then not using them again? Of spending hours each week completing your reading and notes but finding they’re not helpful when it comes to writing your essays or preparing for your exams? Well, it’s time to stop taking pointless study notes. There are some common mistakes I