Do you wish essay writing was easier? Do you find yourself procrastinating and putting off starting and then having to complete your essay in a mad rush and submit at the last minute? You’re not alone. Essay writing is a daunting process that feels complicated and mysterious and kinda awful at times. It can feel

Are you fed up with making studying plans and not sticking to them? Of saying you’ll start your essay or exam revision at a certain time but it just is not happening? Completing a degree takes thousands of micro-decisions to study or not to study; to continue and push through when you reach a stuck

Settle in for the first interview episode of the podcast – where I chat to Sam Evans, an awesome non-traditional student who’s really making distance learning work for her. Sam shares her journey from school to entering the workforce, then from testing the waters with a certificate to continuing into a degree programme. You’ll hear

When our initial study motivation and determination runs out, we’re often left with the feeling that learning sucks. There are some concepts we can’t grasp, or that take ages to sink in. Or we’re set study tasks that make our brains hurt. When we get stuck, when we experience that ‘learning sucks’ feeling – it’s

Study-life balance and work-life balance are phrases that are thrown around a lot, with many of us wanting to achieve this holy grail of perfect balance between all our responsibilities. But how realistic is it? How often do we achieve the kind of study-life balance where everything runs smoothly and you feel at peace with

Do you often feel like you have the attention span of a flea and get very little done? Whereas some students seem to be able to power through their to do lists? Today’s world of smartphones, smart devices, social media, endless notifications, and infinite TV shows on demand – is it any wonder your attention

Hands up if you ever get stuck in a studying funk? Do you ever have those times where you’re just not feeling productive, motivated or focused? Do you struggle to snap out of this sometimes? In this episode, I’m going to walk you through some simple ways to take back control of your energy, motivation

Do you believe that you have a certain amount of talent or academic potential, and that you can fulfil this through developing your skills? Or do you believe that your academic potential is limitless? In this episode I’m going to share with you a common myth about academic potential, and the dangers in measuring the

Did you know that schools weren’t created for learning? Do you know that your university will expect you to arrive already knowing HOW to learn, but that your school wouldn’t have taught you? Learning HOW to learn is vital for academic success. While your university will teach you WHAT to study, it’s your responsibility to