Welcome to Day 1 of The Studying Jump-Start Challenge – the free 5-day challenge I’m running Aug 30th – Sep 3rd to help you fire up your motivation, boost your confidence and improve your study skills ready for the new academic year. Get involved by listening to this episode for my expert guidance then come

It’s time for an awesome interview with Sheyi who’s going to be sharing his studying journey and his secrets to success. In this episode, Sheyi walks us through his time at school, to entering the world of work, to deciding to embark on a degree while working. His story is super interesting and I know

“What, like it’s hard?” Who doesn’t love Legally Blonde? In this episode I’m very pleased to share with you some studying lessons from Elle Woods. Buckle up for some awesome studying advice. In this episode, we’re going to deep-dive into one of my favourite films and analyse what we can learn about studying (and life

Buckle up for an awesome interview with Arts and Literature student Laura where we dive into her academic journey and the lifelong study skills she’s developing along the way. Laura is part-way through her degree and studying while working full-time and I KNOW you’re going to love hearing her story. We cover topics such as

Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to celebrate your studying achievements? Or are you worried it will come off as bragging? Or maybe you feel like you don’t actually have any wins to celebrate? Well in this episode we’re diving deep into WHY and HOW you should celebrate your studying achievements. I’ll

It’s time for another interview episode with an awesome student – and we’re gonna dive deep into workplace learning, apprenticeships and how to keep your motivation high throughout your studies. In this episode I’m talking to Jordanne who is part-way through a degree and apprenticeship in building surveying. She’s a rockstar and has a great

You said you’d study straight after dinner but somehow the evening is disappearing and you realise you are procrastinating. Or you said you’d start your essay this week but it’s already Thursday and nothing’s happened yet. You’ve been busy but just haven’t managed to make progress on the important stuff. Procrastination is a natural response

In this week’s episode I’m going to share with you some advice for three different summer break situations. Maybe you’re actively studying over the summer and want to know how to make progress without hating your life and locking yourself in doors 24/7. Maybe you’re NOT studying over the summer break but you want to

I know, I know, it’s tempting to just try to put your last academic year behind you and not think about it again. But, it’s SUPER important to be able to reflect on your academic year. Before you can make a plan of where you want to go and the results you want to achieve