Starting Monday 30th August 2021 

The Studying Jump-Start Challenge

Fire up your motivation, boost your confidence and improve your study skills ready to kick butt in the new academic year


You can still get involved and take part in the challenge independently. Search for the Chloe Made Me Study podcast on your favourite podcast player and listen to episodes 086-090.

You can also listen to the episodes directly on my website by going to these links.

086. Studying Jump-Start Challenge Day 1

087. Studying Jump-Start Challenge Day 2

088. Studying Jump-Start Challenge Day 3

089. Studying Jump-Start Challenge Day 4

090. Studying Jump-Start Challenge Day 5


I created The Studying Jump-Start Challenge to help you get confident and ready for the new academic year. Whether you're a brand new university student keen to start this exciting, but sometimes overwhelming, journey in the best way...or you're an existing student looking for a friendly kick-up-the-butt restart.

Now, if you haven't been part of one of my free challenges before, then you've been missing out... because we spend 5 days together with tons of support, advice and BIG momentum to help you hit your study goals.

We start Monday 30th August – and you need just 10-15 minutes per day.

For more details and access to exclusive BONUS resources that will help you see better results faster, you need to sign up above. 

I hope to see you there!