Let's talk distance learning

The replay for this workshop has now expired. To access the recording and a whole heap of other support, enrol in my Kickbutt Students Club - details below.

The coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon which means your studying is likely to be disrupted for a number of weeks or months or longer. Maybe your classes have moved online which means you need to be more self-disciplined, manage your time better, and stay motivated...so you don't just end up lying in and Netflix-ing. 

Maybe your exams have been delayed and you don't yet know when they're gonna be. Humans need deadlines and structure. When we don't have them, we're likely to procrastinate and put things off until later - kicking the problem further down the road structure.

The coronavirus doesn't have to sabotage your studying because it is possible to keep up with your studies and maintain or even increase your grades.

To do this you need 3 things: self-discipline, resilience and support.
All of which I'm gonna help you with in my brand new membership, The Kickbutt Students Club.

I was a distance learner for almost 5 years and I've worked for myself, from home, for 18 months. So I know how to motivate myself, overcome challenges, manage my time and build productive habits and routines.

Inside, The Kickbutt Students Club, you'll get the support, motivation and strategies you need to get your studying done with a lot less stress and a lot more positivity. I'm building a community of like-minded kickbutt students who can raise each other up and I'd love you to be a part of it.

For more details of what's included, and to enrol, click the button below.

We don't know how long our studying is going to be disrupted for, which is why I'm not going to tie you into any long contract. There is no minimum term to join the club so you can join for a few weeks, a few months or longer. If you decide to go it alone, just email me before your next billing date and I'll cancel your membership.

Got questions?
1. Email me at chloe@chloeburroughs.com