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Learn how to study smarter (not harder) so you can graduate with your dream grades

Enrolment is now closed until the next round in September 2024. The next opportunity to work with me is my membership, the Kickbutt Students Club, which opens for enrolment Monday 2nd October to the waitlist. Join the waitlist below.

The Kickbutt Study Camp is for you if...

1. You are an existing student, about to start your next (or final) academic year, and you want to uplevel your study skills and mindset so you can study *less* each week and achieve your best grades yet.

2. Or, you are a brand new student, soon to start your degree, and you want to start your first year on the right foot – with a strong mindset and some great study strategies.

Enrol in the Kickbutt Study Camp and your studying life will look like this...

  • You'll start the new academic year feeling ready, confident and motivated – rather than overwhelmed from the get-go as the reading ramps up and the first assessments loom. You'll have a plan for exactly how you're going to study that aligns with your course and academic goals.
  • You'll finally achieve that elusive Study-Life balance because you'll know how to prioritise the most important study tasks so that your studying fits into your life rather than taking over it.
  • You'll have a toolkit of strategies for when you're feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed or you're doubting your abilities. No more losing hours, days or weeks to a studying funk – you'll have simple, *fun* techniques to get you over those challenging hurdles and back to making motivated, confident progress.
  • You'll study strategically and proactively – no more winging it, no more willy nilly studying. You'll understand the boxes you need to tick for your university to award you the marks you want. Academic success is a game and you'll finally know the rules to win.

You've never been taught how to study

We're not born with study skills – they need to be taught and developed over time.

We must be taught how to learn effectively and pick the right study strategies for our particular situation – because there are *a lot* of ineffective, or at least ineffective for you, methods out there.

We MUST be taught how to read effectively and take useful notes that will help us in our assessments. We need to be taught how to plan and structure our studying because just going with the flow means it'll take you twice as long study and you won't get the grades you deserve either.

The problem is - your university doesn't focus on teaching you these skills.
They only focus on teaching you the material.

Your university expects you to have already worked out how to study effectively.

But how can they when we're not taught this stuff in school either?

It's not your fault that you don't know how to study effectively.
But it IS your responsibility to do something about it.

You have to take responsibility to develop effective study habits and identify the best study methods for you and uplevel your study skills and learning mindset.

You don't have to go it alone...

Introducing, the...

Kickbutt Study Camp_compact

A series of four live, virtual workshops designed to equip you with the study skills to have your best academic year yet so you can graduate with your dream grades.

The four workshops will run this September:
The Proactive Pupil > Tuesday 12th Setpember(recording only)
The Confident Learner > Thursday 14th September (recording only)
The Strategic Student > Tuesday 19th September
The Efficient Note Taker > Wednesday 20th September. 

All at 19:00-21:00 UK time (BST).
Click here to compare to your timezone. 

The workshops will be recorded and you'll have lifetime access to the replays and all the resources.

When you enrol in the full programme, you'll get access to a private community for two weeks to ask questions and get personalised advice as you build your new habits and get ready for the new academic year.

More motivation, more confidence. Less stress and less time studying each week. It's time to make your education work for you so come and learn how to study smarter, not harder.

Enrolment is now closed until the next round in September 2024. The next opportunity to work with me is my membership, the Kickbutt Students Club, which opens for enrolment Monday 2nd October to the waitlist. Join the waitlist below.

Enrolment closes for the year soon

The Kickbutt Study Camp Curriculum

Workshop #1 – The Proactive Pupil

Tuesday 12th September 19:00-21:00 UK time.
Recording in the portal

Setting study goals can be scary. You might have doubts about your academic abilities or not see the point of setting goals to achieve a First-class degree (for instance) if it just doesn't seem doable.

I teach goal-setting from an expansive and practical perspective. We'll review your current situation and visualise the type of student you want or need to be to achieve your dream grades.

Your academic success depends on the quality of your study habits. Learn how to build strategic, stretching (but achievable) habits to become the student who attains your dream grades – focused, disciplined, proactive, balanced. You’ll build the 5 key routines that all successful students need to achieve higher grades in less time.

Less overwhelm, procrastination, wingin' it.
More focus, in-control and progress.

Workshop #2 – The Confident Learner

Thursday 14th September 19:00-21:00 UK time.
Recording in the portal

Without a strong, confident mindset studying is a real struggle. We'll delve deeper into growth mindset and explore some of the beliefs and thought loops that are getting in the way – both in terms of getting your dream results but also in terms of you enjoying the journey.

In this workshop, you’ll breakthrough your limiting beliefs and build a toolkit of simple, empowering mindset techniques to lift you out of low motivation, procrastination and fear so you can *finally* believe in your learning abilities and achieve your goals. Master your mindset and you’ll never have a bad study day again. 

The next time you're feeling low, unmotivated, doubting or in a bit of a funk – turn to your workbook to find your own personalised Confident Learner techniques to get you back into a positive, productive headspace. 

Less fear, doubting and self-sabotage.
More confidence, resilience and positivity.

Workshop #3 – The Strategic Student

Tuesday 19th September 19:00-21:00 UK time.

Successful students are strategic. You'll learn the secrets that your university won't teach you – how to play the game of academic success so that you can achieve epic results in LESS time each week.

You’ll become the expert of your course and tick the right boxes to achieve high grades. You’ll learn the exact best ways to study for your course and situation so you can study smarter not harder.

You'll create your own personalised study planning strategy that will allow you to prioritise the important tasks that align with your course's requirements.

Less guesswork, confusion and study time each week
More balance, marks in your assessments and weekends off because allll your tasks are ticked off.

Workshop #4 – The Efficient Note Taker

Wednesday 20th September 19:00-21:00 UK time.

Reading and note taking are substantial study activities for all students and where you'll likely spend a lot of time. You’ll learn how to streamline this process so you can cut hours off your studying each week *and* make faster progress towards achieving the grades you want.

You’ll learn the essentials for efficient, strategic reading and note taking and you’ll design the best strategies for *your* situation to allow you to take notes that *actually* help you achieve epic essay or exam results.

Less reading and note taking that doesn't actually help you get higher grades.
More strategic studying, progress towards your goals, and time off for *you*.  

If you're not around on some or all of these dates, don't worry.

Each workshop will be recorded and the videos uploaded to a portal within 24 hours (and then you'll have lifetime access to them after that). When you enrol in all four workshops you'll be invited to a private community for two weeks where you can ask any and all your questions as you begin to implement your new habits and strategies.

Here’s what people are saying about my study skills trainings

I was in a very bad place with my essay writing before working with Chloe and I was tying myself in knots about it. I kept procrastinating and putting it off and then stressing so much about it. I signed up with Chloe specifically to improve my essay writing skills and it worked - long live your Table Method! I really liked your presentation style, Chloe. It was engaging, bite-sized, fun and each module built on the previous one.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in has been my mindset. This term I’ve been procrastinating a lot less, my approach is more focused and my mindset is more confident and positive. I would definitely recommend your trainings to other students, even if you are a postgraduate student like me. You might not have been taught these skills in your professional life or previous academic journey. It’s important to build a solid foundation and fill in any missing gaps. Go for it! 

Education and International Development (MA) student

I came to Chloe at the end of my second year. I knew I needed to improve my marks otherwise it would be game over for becoming a barrister. I'd already tried really hard to achieve higher grades but I felt stuck. Chloe doesn’t read law but she helped me achieve higher grades by teaching me fundamental study skills. She brought the best out of me, identified my weak spots and helped me improve these areas. She finally made me see what I needed to do to write a high grade essay.

Working with Chloe is like having the person who wrote the essay question right next to you. She knows exactly how to break down tasks and simplify guidance, and she knows what techniques to use for different essays. Chloe is a very calm coach. She was always there for me and always used her full potential to help me.

My second year results pre-Chloe were 53, 54, 62 and 59. My third year results after working with Chloe jumped to 76, 74 and 76. With Chloe’s help I achieved the final grade I needed for the Bar course. I am completely overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of my chest.

Kate Anantasila
Law student

Why learn from me?

Chloe Burroughs at her laptop


I’m not a perfect student. I almost failed out of Sixth Form and I was told I wasn’t capable of studying at a university level. I’ve not had an easy breezy studying life but I *am* an epic learner and studying expert now because I worked hard and invested in learning how to learn.


I’ve been where you are. I studied as a mature student and distance learner, completing a degree while I worked full-time anddd tried to have a social life and hobbies.


I’ve worked with the largest university in the UK, the distance-learning specialist, The Open University. I’m a student ambassador and have taken part in their television and radio campaigns. I’ve delivered study skills workshops to their students and worked with their tutors to teach them how to better support their learners.


I’ve got over 7 years of experience supporting adult learners to study smarter to help them achieve *their* dream grades.


I’ve taught over 500 adults online so I know how to create engaging trainings that look nothing like your university’s dry virtual lectures.


A publisher contracted ME to write The Return to Study Handbook – the study skills bible for mature students, distance learners and those studying while working.


I’m a details gal. No vague advice here. In my trainings, I’ll literally tell you and show you, step-by-step, how to implement a study technique. I use examples and create epic resources so *all* learners can thrive.


I truly believe that anyone who is brave enough to return to education can graduate with their dream grades. I’ll support you to cultivate your confidence, habits and strategies so you can achieve higher marks with more ease in less study time.


I’m a really nice person. Working with me is not like working with a stern tutor who shames you for mistakes and makes you doubt yourself. I radiate warmth, positivity and optimism to all my students because learning is hard and I am not gonna make it harder.


I live and breathe this stuff. When I’m not supporting students or creating content about studying I’m reading about learning and thinking and talking about learning. I am a true life-long learner and I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone in all areas so I can pass my learnings and lessons onto you.

Here's why you need to join The Kickbutt Study Camp

Before you start your course or before you start your next modules/classes is the best time to get yourself set up. You'll be able to start the year from a place of organisation and confidence that you're *finally* studying in the best way for your course and situation.

Don't wait until your course is well underway and you're already stressed and struggling to find the time to study.

You could choose not to enrol and try to figure this out on your own.

But that takes time. And the drumbeat of your course will not wait for you to build the habits and learn the right strategies to achieve great grades.

The best time to uplevel your study skills is right now.

I've been learning about study skills and academic writing for the past TEN years. I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of £££ learning all about learning:
– how to develop confidence to make studying more enjoyable;
– how to develop habits to study with more focus and productivity;
– how to plan and schedule your studying strategically so you get more of the *right* things done in less time;
 – how to design the best reading, note taking and assignment-prepping strategies so you achieve great grades more easily...and so much more.

A typical 3-year degree in the UK costs £27,750 in fees alone. But that money doesn't guarantee you great grades. It doesn't even guarantee that you'll come out of university a great learner.

For just 0.36% of this investment, you can take action to become a confident, successful learner. You'll learn the skills to graduate with the grades you want, enjoy the process without burning out, and you'll set yourself up with epic habits and strategies that will serve you in your career and all future learning.

I don't want you to have to spend TEN years and multiple thousands of £££ to learn how to study effectively.

Because I can teach you in just 2 weeks for just £100.

Now, while I will run the Kickbutt Study Camp again, it likely won't be a live programme again until September 2024, and this will be the one and only time it will be at this low a price.

A few months from now, if you don't enrol, what will your studying look like? More of the same?

Overwhelm, late nights, procrastination, hours and hours (and hours) of reading and note taking but not finding your notes useful for your assessments?

Or, enrol in the Kickbutt Study Camp, learn how to study over the two-week programme, and immediately see epic results. You'll feel like a completely different student – calmer, more confident, more motivated, more balanced.

You'll have built awesome new study habits and routines that will help you ditch procrastination and study with more motivation and focus. You'll have streamlined your studying process – having finally learned the best, strategic ways to study for your particular course and situation. You'll have built epic confidence in your learning abilities and you'll have a personalised toolkit of strategies to snap you out of a bad mood and pick yourself up after challenges. Not only will you develop the skills to ace your current qualification, you'll have learned how to learn effectively which can be applied to every professional and personal endeavour going forward.

I'm here to help. I *know* that you can become a more proactive, confident, strategic, efficient student and graduate with your dream grades.

I've already helped 100s do it. Now it's your turn.

Here's what's included in the Kickbutt Study Camp

  • Four, two-hour virtual workshops (LIVE on Zoom or recorded): The Proactive Pupil (recording), The Confident Learner (recording), The Strategic Student (19th Sep) and The Efficient Note Taker (20th Sep)
  • Lifetime access to the workshop recordings and resources (so don't worry if you can't make them live)
  • Your Best Academic Year Yet workbook with worksheets, resources and guides to create your personal studying game plan for epic focus, confidence and grades
  • Private community from Mon 11 to Sun 24 Sep for support, accountability and personalised guidance.

Join the Kickbutt Study Camp for just £100.

Enrolment closes for the year before workshop #4

You missed out!

If you want to join one or two of the workshops, rather than the full series, you can enrol using the individual links below. Individual workshops will be priced at £35 each.

*Please note*
Individual enrolments will *not* include access to the private community for support and will include individual worksheets and resources for your specific workshop(s) rather than the full Your Best Academic Year Yet workbook.

The Proactive Pupil (12 Sep) – not available individually.
The recording is available through the full enrolment option

The Confident Learner (Thu 14 Sep) not available individually.
The recording is available through the full enrolment option

The Strategic Student (Tue 19 Sep)

The Efficient Note Taker (Wed 20 Sep)

i gotchu

The Kickbutt Study Camp will be perfect for you if...

  • You’re a higher education student studying for an undergraduate degree, masters or postgraduate qualification.
  • You’re willing to try new study methods and strategies and you’re open to feedback. 
  • You're a brand new student, about to start your first year of study or first modules and you're feeling a bit lost about how to prepare and how to study in the best way. Starting a qualification can be overwhelming – so much reading, so much change to integrate studying into your already busy life. Make your first year 10X easier by uplevelling your skills and learning new techniques now. So you can start off on the right foot and actually enjoy this experience you’ve been wanting for so long.
  • OR... you're an existing student and you're partway or most of the way through an undergraduate or postgraduate course. You want this next academic year to be different from the last – less overwhelm, stress and distraction and more focus, ease and balance. As you progress through your qualification, your course will expect more from you and you’ll encounter different types of classes and assessment structures. And your non-studying life and priorities will likely shift which means you’ll need new strategies to get the results you want. The Camp will allow you to go deeper into these skills areas and update your study skills, habits and strategies in alignment with your current course, goals and situation.

The Kickbutt Study Camp might not be for you if...

  • You're not willing to unlearn some ineffective study methods or engage in any self-reflection to solve your problems.
  • You're not yet enrolled in an upcoming course or you're not going to be starting studying until 2024 (if this is the case, please reach out using the contact details in the FAQ section below.)
  • You're not going to participate. This programme works if you do, so it won't be effective if you enrol and don't join the workshops or catch up with the replays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not free to join the workshops live?

Each workshop will be recorded and uploaded to the Camp portal within 24 hours. You'll be able to catch up and download the epic resources and then you'll have lifetime access to rewatch the workshops as many times as you like.

I've added a private community to the Camp so that those who can't attend live, or those who have questions, can gain my personal support. The private community will be open from the 11th to the 24th September, covering the four workshops with some extra time at the end.

So as long as you can catch up before the 24th September, you'll be able to get my personal, expert guidance in the community as you implement the epic new study strategies. 

Are the workshops appropriate for new students?

I've designed the workshops to teach core study skills. This makes them perfect for brand new students just starting a university course, and for returning students who want to brush up or uplevel your current skills.

We go at a great pace where there's time for interaction and for you to ask questions throughout in each workshop.

Then you can use the private community for any questions that come up after each workshop. 

Can I join just one or two of the workshops?

I've added the option to enrol in individual workshops as I understand that some students might only want to improve one area.

I've created the Camp to teach the core skills that every student needs to master so the main programme is designed for you to join all four of the workshops. When you join the whole series you then get access to the private community and the full, Your Best Academic Year Yet workbook.

Individual enrolments will *not* get access to the private community. And instead of the full workbook, you'll have access to the relevant sections for the workshops you enrol in.

How is this Camp different from your Kickbutt Students Club membership?

Great question.

The Kickbutt Students Club membership is a virtual membership for ongoing support for adult learners.

Included is coaching, community, accountability support, and virtual study sessions – everything to support you *throughout* your academic journey to study with more confidence, productivity and, ultimately, to achieve your dream grades.

The Kickbutt Study Camp is a time-limited programme to uplevel specific study skills within two weeks. You'll learn the step-by-step how-to to create your own personalised studying action plan of habits and strategies that will allow you to study smarter, not harder in your upcoming modules/classes.

Both of these programmes work really well together (hence the name share) so I'd highly recommend checking out both.

Does it really not matter what subject I'm studying?

Nope. I don't need to be an expert in your subject-matter because I'm an expert in learning and study skills.

I am not a tutor who will teach you the content of your course. I am a study skills trainer who will teach you the strategies and mindset shifts you need to improve how you study, so you can get better grades forever.

This means I can help a wider range of people studying a wider amount of courses. I studied Business but I've worked with students from every subject imaginable.

*Although I've yet to work with someone studying one of the many Harry Potter university courses!*

What support will I get?

Throughout the live workshops you can ask questions to help you personalise the strategies to your unique situation.

Then, if you enrol in the full series, you'll have two weeks' access to an epic private community to ask follow-up questions and get my personal, expert feedback and insight to help you feel 100% ready to smash this academic year.

The Camp does not include one-on-one email/Instagram support but is instead a group experience where you will learn from the questions that you and the other students ask.

What do you mean by lifetime access?

You will have a login to access all the training recordings, slides and resources for the life of my business, with many of the materials downloadable to your devices.

If/when I remove the course you will be able to download any remaining materials first. So it's yours for keeps, forever.

Will you be running the Camp again?

I will not be running this Camp again live until sometime in 2024, probably next September. The price will also be higher.

I haven't started / enrolled into a course yet, would these workshops still be useful?

You'll get the most out of this Camp if you are an existing student OR if you are beginning a course in the next few months.

If you're not starting your course for a while but you're interested in joining to prepare, I'd recommend reaching out to me to ensure it's the best option. See the FAQ below to reach out to me via email or Instagram.

I have more questions about whether this is right for me

While the Kickbutt Study Camp is designed to help students studying any course or subject, I get that you may want to check whether it would work for your specific situation.

So if you have any questions or want to talk through your context, email me at

Alternatively, send me a DM over on Instagram @chloe.burroughs and we can chat there.

Enrolment closes for the year before workshop #4

You missed out!

More happy students

Since starting my degree I have struggled to get anything higher than low 60s in my essays. My tutor feedback was always telling me that my writing was not concise, it was too descriptive, my structure needed work and I needed to express myself better. I started to doubt whether I was smart enough to do this degree but thankfully I found Chloe.

I applied her advice to my last essay and scored 77%! After telling Chloe my score she seemed so proud I had accomplished such a jump. I will always come back to Chloe for help in the future and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling.

Paige Maloney
Psychology student

As a previous student, Chloe understands the pressures we're going through and can offer tailored support when you need it, and in creative ways. Her study skills strategies are great and helped me change how I work so instead of repeating the same mistakes, I changed my way of thinking. I always struggled with essay writing, especially writing concisely, sticking to the question and using critical thinking. I implemented Chloe's advice and my essay grades soared. I went from achieving essay grades between 55-65% to essay grades of 75-85%.

Chloe’s friendly, open approach is what embeds her system. She starts off being your study skills trainer, but quickly and easily becomes your ‘critical friend’. I would recommend Chloe to anyone with a desire to achieve the very best they can.

Sarah Menzies
Business Management student

Before receiving help from Chloe I was struggling to meet the scores I needed to gain the results necessary for my course and at the end of my second year of university I was failing. I struggled with motivation, mindset, confidence and the critical thinking skills I so badly needed.

When I first signed up for Chloe’s training I was nervous. I shouldn’t have been. Chloe presents and breaks down each step very well and it was such an enjoyable experience working with her. By the end I was extremely motivated. I was able to use the tools Chloe gave me to think differently about assignment questions and my results improved from 60% to 80%.

The help Chloe has given me throughout my third year was invaluable and the only regret I have is not getting involved with her sooner. 

Ashleigh Pearce
International Studies graduate

My study skills used to be average and my essay grades were in the 50s and 60s. With Chloe's help I'm now feeling a lot more positive and I'm so excited to smash my degree. I've now achieved two 85% essay grades! If you want to improve your study skills and learn how to get high grades...Chloe's trainings are the only way forward - helpful guidance and a lovely person in general!

Holly Richards
Law student

I am so, so excited to run this Kickbutt Study Camp

My whole mission of study skills training centres around the idea that natural talent is NOT the main ingredient of academic success. Instead, smart study strategies, some hard work and good support are the answers.

I truly believe that anyone who's brave enough to return to studying has all the resources they need to achieve their dream grades. My trainings are designed to empower you to truly believe this for yourself.

I don't focus on deficits and problems. I focus on helping you realise that you are already an incredible learner with plenty of evidence for your own resilience, focus and discipline.

In the Kickbutt Study Camp you'll finally learn how to study in the best way for *you.* For your course, for your lifestyle and for your goals.

Nothing pleases me more than hearing about my students have improved their marks by 10/20/30/40% or they can take the weekend off studying...just by learning how to study effectively. 

You don't have to be confident in your studying before joining the Kickbutt Study Camp. Instead, bring along some determination, show up and do the work with me right by your side, and your confidence (and grades) will take care of themselves. 

© Chloe Burroughs Ltd.