Do you struggle to push yourself to study? Do you find it difficult to make progress when you’re tired or unmotivated? Do you struggle to persevere when you hit a challenge or start doubting yourself?

I’ve been where you are and completely understand the frustration of feeling like you can’t just push yourself to study when you need to.

In this episode of Chloe Made Me Study, I’m going to walk you through seven simple steps to overcoming this studying resistance. You’ll learn strategies for boosting your motivation, strengthening your mindset, shifting your energy, simplifying your task list, and skyrocketing your productivity.

You’re just 20 minutes away from learning my secrets to push yourself to study. You’ll walk away from this episode with a new perspective and some building blocks for successful new study habits that will help you have an easier studying life.


How to Build Unshakeable Studying Confidence in Just 5 Days

So you can graduate with the grades you want – and feel more motivated, positive and focused along the way.

Unshakeable Studying Confidence_mockup

Ways to listen:

  • Check out the Youtube walking workouts I’m loving!
  • Listen to episode 5 of the podcast to learn more about helpful and unhelpful states
  • Listen to episode 20 of the podcast to learn why learning makes us uncomfortable

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How to Build Unshakeable Studying Confidence in Just 5 Days

Learn 5 powerful strategies to build an unshakeable foundation of studying confidence.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and traumatic school memories getting in the way of you acing your learning as an adult.

And instead say hello to studying with more motivation, positivity and ease so that you can graduate with the grades you want.

Unshakeable Studying Confidence_mockup