live, virtual study session

Want to seriously whizz through your studying to-do list?


6:00 pm GMT



Why should you join the virtual study session?

Oh my goodness these virtual sessions are GOLD for your studying progress. In my membership, the Kickbutt Students Club, I run two of these sessions per week and then other students run their own informal sessions throughout the week. Hands down it's the feature my members rave about the most.

Here are the benefits...

You'll actually study when you say you will

Having a date in the diary makes it easier to turn up (rather than sacking off studying for some sofa time).

You'll be a heck of a lot more productive

It's way too easy to sit at your desk with your books open but not actually get anything done. Because of distractions, overwhelm, your phone, social media...etc. By studying in timed intervals with me guiding you the whole, you'll be shocked at how much you can get done in just a few hours.

You'll feel more motivated + positive

Studying at home by yourself can really suck at times. It was one of the hardest parts of my studying journey. Now imagine what it would be like to look up throughout your study sessions and see 20+ thumbnails of other students beavering away. You'll feel part of a community and you'll feel spurred on to work hard.

Here's how the session will work...

We'll meet on Zoom at 6:00pm UK time (GMT) for a 2-hour study session. First, you'll learn the secrets to productive, focused studying then we'll launch into the studying part. You'll decide on the task you want to work on, get yourself ready and then we'll study together on mute for 25 minutes. Most people keep their cameras on but you don't need to. There's a group timer so you can keep track of where we're at and after 25 minutes we'll stop for a 5-minute break.

We'll repeat this twice more with 25 minutes of studying and 5-minute breaks and then I'll invite the group to share their study progress in the chat. There will also be time for you to ask me any questions you have about productivity, motivation or study habits.

About Chloe

I’m Chloe, a study skills expert who helps adult learners study efficiently and effectively so they can achieve their academic goals (without disrupting their busy lives). Through my podcast, membership community and online trainings, I inspire thousands of non-traditional students from all over the world to believe, “Holy crap, I can actually do this studying thing!”

With perseverance, a strong mindset and smart study strategies, ANYONE can achieve academic success. The reason I know this? Because I’ve been that student that no one believed in. The student who was struggling and failing out and convinced they should just leave education for good. Well, luckily for you my friend I turned it all around, smashed my studies and I’ve devoted the past seven years to becoming a learning expert so I can help you do the same.