Distance learning is a flexible method of studying that allows you to choose when, where and how you study. However, it’s this flexibility that can often cause problems with motivation, discipline and procrastination.

In this episode, you’ll learn 7 awesome strategies for successful distance learning. I share step-by-step, practical tips for increasing your productivity, and boosting your motivation and confidence, so that you can achieve more in less time and have an easier, happier distance learning life.

First I walk you through the advantages of being a distance learner – because it’s important to recognise the upsides of studying in the non-traditional way.

Next, I walk you through the disadvantages of distance learning and then bust each of these with the techniques you need to thrive as a non-traditional student.

Ways to listen:

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • What is distance learning? [04:11]
  • The 5 advantages of distance learning [05:33]
  • … Location independence [05:38]
  • … Flexibility [06:42]
  • … No travel required [07:34]
  • … Study in comfort [07:46]
  • … Develop awesome additional skills [08:54]
  • The 5 disadvantages of distance learning [10:10]
  • … Lack of social interaction [10:20]
  • … Difficult to motivate yourself [11:16]
  • … Time management and study planning [11:51]
  • … No direct tutor access [12:05]
  • … Studying at home can be chaotic [12:36]
  • The 7 strategies for successful distance learning [13:29]
  • … Stock up on accountability [13:40]
  • … Plan your damn weeks! [15:33]
  • … Switch up where you study [18:47]
  • … Build a good relationship with your tutor [19:45]
  • … Flex your problem-solving muscles [23:13]
  • … Manage your transitions [25:14]
  • … Celebrate your achievements [27:20]
  • How to take full charge of your time, tasks and study materials [29:10]


How to Build Unshakeable Studying Confidence in Just 5 Days

So you can graduate with the grades you want – and feel more motivated, positive and focused along the way.

Unshakeable Studying Confidence_mockup

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How to Build Unshakeable Studying Confidence in Just 5 Days

Learn 5 powerful strategies to build an unshakeable foundation of studying confidence.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and traumatic school memories getting in the way of you acing your learning as an adult.

And instead say hello to studying with more motivation, positivity and ease so that you can graduate with the grades you want.

Unshakeable Studying Confidence_mockup