The Successful Student Series


Do you wish you could spend less time studying but achieve higher grades?

Do you wish you could finally ditch overwhelm and procrastination and have an easier, happier studying life?

Would you like to master your motivation, productivity and organisation and transform your studying..in just a few hours?


  • Your motivation comes and goes. Sometimes you just can’t be arsed to study so you put it off
  • Procrastination is your middle name. It's crippling you. Sometimes you'd rather do anything than study. Clean the bathroom? Check! Clear out your kitchen cupboards? Yuhuh! Watch another episode of Queer Eye? Yes please!
  • You put off studying, often until the last minute, so end up having to study in a sweaty, heart-palpitation-y mess, say goodbye to a full night’s sleep and submit work you’re not happy with
  • Fear of failure paralyses you. You’d rather procrastinate than try your best and fail anyway
  • You don’t just have to study. You work and/or have a family so there’s just never enough time in the day to get your studying done
  • You have no idea how to create an effective study plan and schedule that works for your life
  • The study plans you do make are mostly pointless as you can’t stick to them for more than a few days
  • When you get home from work you struggle to find the time, energy or motivation to pick up your books. It feels like all you can fit in is dinner, a little TV and then it’s bedtime
  • Organisation is NOT your strong point. You think your productivity would increase if you could organise your materials and tasks
  • Your to-do list is never-bloody-ending. You feel so overwhelmed that you have no idea where to start or how to prioritise your tasks because evvvvverything feels important
  • You can’t study for more than 10 minutes without getting distracted by your phone, Instagram, email or thoughts of housework that needs doing
  • You know you’re not making the most of the time you do have to study. You feel scattered, unfocused and overwhelmed and you never seem to get as much done as you want which you know is affecting your grades
  • You just wish you could build some habits that help you make progress each week so you could relax a little without feeling some serious I-should-be-studying guilt
  • You actually should be studying right now but you're procrastinating reading this (I'll let you off, this is important!)

There’s not enough hours in the day
I’m too busy!
If I just had more time I’d get through my to-do list

What if I told you that it’s possible to CREATE more time in your day?
That, right now, you’re probably wasting hours each week and you don’t even realise it?

Let’s say you spend 15 hours per week studying.

During your study sessions you likely waste time:
- sitting at your desk trying to will yourselves to study...but not actually doing any studying
- procrasti-cleaning the house when you’re supposed to be studying (is it just me or is your bathroom the cleanest when you’ve got an essay due?!)
- studying while watching TV
- studying while responding every so often to a WhatsApp message or email, or having a ‘quick’ scroll through Instagram
- feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to tackle next
- having a freak out because you’ve gotten stuck, are doubting yourself or are struggling to move on after a low grade/negative feedback
- making study plans you don’t end up sticking to
- doing tasks that aren’t actually gonna help you increase your grades e.g. rewriting notes, rereading a textbook, spending ages in the module forum.

If I add this all up, that’s AT LEAST 5 hours per week of time-wasting, ineffective activity.
For a typical 15-hour study week that’s 1/3 of your time being COMPLETELY WASTED.

Time is our MOST valuable resource because once we spend it we can’t get it back. Whereas all material items, including money, can be regained, every minute, hour, day that goes by is gone forever.

So by quitting the time-wasting activities and boosting your motivation, focus, productivity and organisation, you can actually CREATE more time each week.

What could you do with 30-40% more study time each week?

You could spend it getting ahead and working towards higher grades.

Or you could relaxxx and spend more time with your friends and family.

Being unproductive is NOT your fault.

We’re not machines. We don’t pop out the womb programmed to be 100% efficient with our time. Our motivation wanes and procrastination is natural because when we’re hit with hard, boring tasks, or we start doubting our abilities, our brains try to protect us by tempting us with the much more fun procrastination.

So we need to learn HOW to be organised, focused and proactive...which is where I come in.


  • you’ll be in control of your study time because when you say you’re going to study, you get the job done
  • you’ll feel motivated and fired up about your studying again
  • procrastination will no longer crippling your progress because you know exactly how to kick it to the curb
  • you’ll start your essays and exam revision early (no more holy crap, deadline-imminent procrasti-studying) which will increase your chances of higher grades
  • you’ll know exactly how to fit studying around the rest of your life and have more time for you and your family
  • you’ll start each week with a clear plan of what and when you’re going to study that you KNOW you can stick to
  • your materials are organised so you know exactly where to find them
  • your workload no longer overwhelms you because you know EXACTLY how to tackle it
  • you’ll stay on track with your studies which gives you more time for essay writing and exam prep so you’re more likely to nab those higher grades
  • you’re able to grab an early night, take the weekend off, or watch Netflix guilt-free because you’ve finished studying quicker than you thought
  • you’re focused for entire study sessions, ticking off your tasks and meeting all your goals
  • you’ve got new, awesome study habits that make it easy to be a successful student
  • your essay writing and exam revision sessions are 10X more productive which will help you grab those higher grades.

It’s time to stop wasting your precious study time on procrastination, distractions and doubts.

It’s time to achieve more with the time you DO have so you can relax guilt-free at the end of the week AND work towards higher grades

You're invited to join me for the...

The Successful Student Series


The Successful Student Series Mockup

During these workshops, I’ll teach you the simple, step-by-step strategies you need to boost your motivation, conquer procrastination and improve your organisation and productivity.

There will be exercises for you to complete during and after the workshop so you can get results immediately in your very next study session.

You'll have lifetime access to the workshop videos and all resources so you can rewatch and refresh your skills throughout all your future studying.

Today you have the option to enrol in all 3 workshops for a discount and the best results, or you can enrol in the 1 or 2 workshops where you most need to make improvements.

Enrol now for £50 per workshop or save £30 and enrol in all 3 workshops for £120.

TRAINING #1 > The Fired Up Student: 
Boost your study motivation and finally conquer procrastination so you can get your studying done (even when you don’t want to)  and achieve higher grades with A LOT less stress

TRAINING #2 > The Structured Student
Take charge of your time, tasks and materials so you can get organised, feel in control of your time and fit studying around your busy life

TRAINING #3 > The Efficient Student 
Skyrocket your productivity and focus so you can complete your studying faster, have more 'me time' each week AND achieve higher essay and exam grades


The Fired Up Student

- The common myth about motivation, how it’s stopping you making progress and how you can create relentless momentum in your studies

- Why procrastination and lack of motivation does NOT make you a bad student (it makes you normal)

- My Timeline Method for creating unstoppable motivation in your studies so you can make progress...even when you don't feel like studying

- Powerful but painless ways to kick your butt into gear and smash your to-do list when your motivation is low

- How to stop fear of failure and impostor syndrome from ruining your progress and powerful techniques you can use to boost your studying confidence

- The 7 causes of procrastination and how to kick them to the curb so you can get your studying done then spend time on the stuff you actually want to do #helloNetflix​​

- My Anti-Procrastination Process to get you out of last-minute, panic-induced studying and into proactive, grade-boosting action.

The Structured Student

- My Structured Study Solution for creating a weekly plan that ticks off your to-do list while taking into account allll your other responsibilities - goodbye overwhelm, hello "I've got this!"  

- How to actually stick to your study plan (now wouldn’t that be nice?)

- How to create more time in your week so you can tick off all your study tasks and still have time to relax and have fun

- My tips and tricks for studying alongside a job and studying alongside raising a family

- My simple methods for organising your digital and physical study materials so you can save time, stop losing important things, and always find what you need

The Efficient Student

- How to create your own personalised study routine so you can make progress consistently and squeeze every last drop of value out of your precious (but often scarce) study time​​

- My 3 methods for super productive, focused study sessions that leave you feeling like Hermione Granger on her best day

- How to banish distractions so you can get into a focused studying flow and conquer your to-do list faster

- How to prioritise your tasks so you’re always getting the important stuff done - no more busy work, lots more progress

- Why you don’t need to glue your butt to your chair for hours to make progress

- Strategies for efficient, effective studying, even when you’re tired, so you can make progress and go for those high grades

- My method for creating a productive, motivating study space you actually want to spend time in.


- 1, 2 or all 3 RECORDED virtual, 2-hour study trainings

- A whole heap of shiz-hot worksheets, cheatsheets, templates and printables you can use to speed up your planning each week, boost your motivation and help you achieve higher grades with the study time you have

- Lifetime access to the video recording(s), slides and all resources so you can refresh your study routines and uplevel your skills throughout your qualification 

- A recording of a 30-minute Q&A session for each workshop where I answer common questions from past students  

Enrol now for £50 per workshop or save £30 and enrol in all 3 workshops for £120.

Chloe Burroughs head shot

Hi, I'm Chloe.

I'm a study skills expert on a mission to teach other students how to study effectively. I completed my degree while working full-time so I DEFINITELY understand the struggle to fit studying in around all your other commitments.

I left school at eighteen with lowww grades, zero study skills and crappy self-esteem. After a number of years I plucked up the courage to return to study and enrol at university, but I carried all my bad habits and lack of study skills into my degree.  

If I wasn’t motivated then there was a 0% chance of me making it to my desk and when I DID start studying I couldn’t focus. I found myself flitting between study tasks, never really sure what I should be working on. I had no systems in place to organise my materials and I was forever losing stuff or forgetting when due dates were.

Procrastination was my middle name. I used to find myself cleaning the bathroom (I fudging hate housework) when I had tons of studying to do. I would procrastinate instead of studying and then have to pull 3am-finishes submit an essay (not ideal when I had to go to work that morning!)

I knew something had to change. The First Class degree I was hoping for was starting to look impossible. Enrolling in university was a big investment for me and I didn’t want to waste it. 

So, alongside my studies, I spent time researching HOW to learn effectively. I tested and tweaked heaps of productivity and anti-procrastination strategies and created my own until I discovered what worked.

My productivity improved, my stress dropped and I was more motivated and fired up to study. My studying took a lot less time AND my grades started to climb until I graduated with my once-a-dream-now-a-reality First Class degree.

Since graduating I’ve changed my name to Chloe Procrastination-Conqueror Burroughs and have worked with 100s of students to uplevel their study skills, boost their motivation and increase their grades. 



Chloe has been there and done it so she knows how hard it is to study and work and do everything else. Within just a few days I noticed the difference in my studying. I used to struggle to stay focused for more than 10 minutes but now I get into the flow and I can study for hours happily. I was motivated when I first started studying but at half way through my degree my motivation was waning. Not anymore!

Chloe taught me how to keep my motivation up and I'm so grateful! Also, I love, love, love all the worksheets she's made for the course. I've printed and completed them all and refer to them every day. Chloe - I can't thank you enough for helping me get through my degree."

Claire Pickering

 Law student


Chloe, I can’t believe how different my studying is! Before I worked with you I found myself putting off starting my essays and I could never find the time or energy to study after a long day at work. I was starting to doubt whether I should even be studying because it should be easy to study as an adult, right? Well, it is now I’ve learned from you!

The training was simple to follow and the checklists and planners - wow! I’ve been using them every day and they’re really helping me stay on top of things. I was even able to take the weekend off last week because I’d finished all my studying for the week, that’s never happened before! Thank you so much Chloe for showing me a different way. I feel so much more positive and motivated now

Tina Lewis

 Psychology student


I’ve ALWAYS struggled with my confidence. I’d find myself procrastinating for days or weeks when I had an essay to write because I felt so overwhelmed and unconfident. Throughout your training, I could feel myself nodding along.

Even though I have a clear dream for what I want to do with my degree I really struggled with motivating myself day-to-day, especially when I got home from work and was tired. But the exercises for motivation were so useful! I honestly feel like a completely different person - not just a student but at work and at home too. I’m much more positive, I’m ticking loads off my to-do list, and for the first time I actually believe I’m capable and good enough to be here. Thank you so much, Chloe!

Lauren Callan

 Dentistry student


Does it matter what subject I'm studying?

I can't decide which workshop to enrol in

So these workshops aren't live?

Will you be running these again in the future?

Enrol now for £50 per workshop or save £30 and enrol in all 3 workshops for £120.