When our initial study motivation and determination runs out, we’re often left with the feeling that learning sucks. There are some concepts we can’t grasp, or that take ages to sink in. Or we’re set study tasks that make our brains hurt. When we get stuck, when we experience that ‘learning sucks’ feeling – it’s

Essay writing is HARD, right? So many rules, such a long, drawn-out process. Over the last four years I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of students to help them improve their essay writing skills. And now I want to share with you the most common essay writing mistakes I see so you can identify areas for

Let’s dive into what a growth mindset actually is…Do you ever think these things when you’re studying?I’m just not that smartThis is too hard, I want to give upI don’t get this at allI can’t improveYou’re either good at studying or not…and I’m not.These statements are elements of a fixed mindset – which Carol Dweck,