FREE sessions

Seriously power-up your productivity by joining me for some virtual study sessions

SESSION 1: Thursday 25th March, 19:00-21:00 GMT

SESSION 2: Sunday 28th March, 14:00-16:00 BST  

Here's how it'll work:


We'll meet in Zoom, a video chat room, where we'll study together. Bring along any study tasks you have to work on and enjoy the accountability and focus you get from this guided study session.


First, I'll teach you my pre-studying routine which will help you seriously skyrocket your focus and productivity so you can get more done during the study session.


Then I'll start us off on our first 25-minute study session. We'll make sure our mics are off and we'll keep our cameras on (your personal choice) so we can see the rest of the group studying. This is really helpful to keep your motivation up.

Once the 25 minutes are up I'll unmute myself to tell you it's time for a 5-minute break. We will repeat this twice more until we've completed 3 awesome study sessions


Then we'll have time to share wins and progress and you'll be able to ask me any questions. You'll walk away with focused, motivated studying completed alongside other awesome students. You'll feel productive and empowered to continue this progress in your solo sessions.

Reviews of my virtual study sessions

Helen Burke,

English Literature Student

'I couldn't get my head around the virtual study sessions to start with but as soon as I attended one it was a light bulb moment. Studying alongside others really helps me to get focussed and productive instead of staring into space for significant amounts of time.'

Caron Small,

TEFL Student

'I really enjoy the virtual study sessions over Zoom - there's something about seeing other people with their heads down working away that keeps me going when I want to stop!!' 


Primary Education Student

'The study sessions are so helpful to the point where for the first time in 3 years, I haven’t been rushing around to complete an assignment on deadline day!'