There are a number of challenges and reasons which can explain why your grades are not higher.

If I asked you to tell me the reasons behind your grades, what would you say? What do you think is holding you back from achieving better results?

Maybe you're fully aware of your obstacles and know exactly what needs to change to increase your results. But there are often numerous factors at play that can explain why your grades are not higher and that are stopping you from reaching for and achieving the top grades.

In this episode I'm going to walk you through 7 possible reasons why your grades are not higher. We’re going to cover reasons related to our time, skills, goals, beliefs…and even evolution!

I’ll also share what you need to do to combat these reasons and boost your results.

Because it IS possible for you to achieve the grades you’ve dreamed of. I've worked with too many students to count who've increased their results by 1, 2 or even 3 whole grades by improving their study skills and confidence.


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Ways to listen:

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Why do you think your grades are not higher?
  • How to kickstart your next module/semester
  • First we need to look at the tangible reasons why your grades are not higher
    #1 You don't actually want higher grades
    #2 You don't put enough time or effort into your studies
    #3 You don't know HOW to study effectively
  • Then we need to look at the reasons why you don't stretch and aim for higher grades
    #4 Evolution! We haven't evolved to be intelligent individually or to be more than average
    #5 A fixed mindset that's convinced you that your intelligence can't be changed
    #6 The untrue judgements that teachers and parents have placed on you
    #7 Incorrect assumptions about what it takes to achieve top grades
  • Why you need to change your perspective if you want higher grades
  • How to get my support in boosting your skills and grades.

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