A LOT of students struggle with procrastinating – it's the nemesis of many who really struggle with starting things on time. A Netflix-binge, early night or even cleaning the bathroom is often more appetising than starting that essay or revising for that exam. 

But while some procrastinating may be fun, the effects of it are not – including guilt, stress, all-nighters and crappy grades.

In this episode, we’re diving into WHY we put off studying. It's focused on self-reflection with prompts to help you think about the thoughts, emotions and worries behind your studies.

Because when we understand our reasons for procrastinating it becomes possible to do something about it.

I’ll walk you through my three-step process to ditching procrastination so you can save your sanity, be more proactive, and achieve better results.

I've also created a worksheet to go along with this episode which will help you put this 3-step exercise into practice and stop procrastinating for good. Simply sign up to my free resource library below and you'll find the anti-procrastination exercise in the Productivity & Organisation module.


How to Actually START Your Essay

Workbook + video training to take you from procrastination and overwhelm to understanding your question and mapping out your ideas with momentum. Easier, faster essay writing (and higher grades) await.

Start Your Essay

Ways to listen:

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • What is procrastination? [04:53]
  • The two types of procrastination [05:42]
  • Why procrastinating can lead to spiralling negative thoughts [06:34]
  • The common misconception about what procrastinating looks like [07:00]
  • Why do we procrastinate? [07:45]
  • Five key questions to ask yourself the next time you procrastinate [09:12]
  • Dive deeper with ‘what if…?' questions [12:15]
  • Dive even deeper with ‘what does it say about me if…?' questions [13:00]
  • The problem with procrastinating is that the process happens unconsciously [16:33]
  • Why procrastinating is so much easier in modern life [17:20]
  • What procrastination actually IS and the cure for it [17:50]
  • My 3-step anti-procrastination exercise to break out of this cycle and move forward proactively [18:28]
  • Why self-reflection is important [23:47]
  • How to experience even more mindset shifts in your studying [24:26]

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