Hey, I’m Chloe.

I teach non-traditional students how to study effectively so they can become confident, motivated learners, integrate studying into their busy lives and, ultimately, graduate with the grades they really want.

Chloe Burroughs Study Skills Handbook sitting crossed legged

You’ve never been taught how to learn effectively.

Despite the years and decades you’ve already spent learning at school and now in university or college, you will never have been taught, specifically, how to study effectively.

Because while education providers teach you *what* to learn, if you want to do well and achieve your dream grades, you’ve gotta learn *how* to learn.

Stick around here and you’ll learn how to…

  • Pick the best study methods for your specific course and situation.
  • Build simple, effective study habits that keep you motivated and save you time each week.
  • Integrate studying into your busy work schedule and life.
  • Make study plans that you can actually stick to.
  • Study with more discipline, focus and productivity.
  • Read and take notes strategically (because you don’t need to cover everything in your syllabus).
  • Plan and write better essays that knock your tutor’s socks off.
  • Study with more confidence and resilience to overcome the challenges of learning.
  • Learn and remember your course material and prepare for exams effectively.

...so that you can graduate with the grades you really want.


How to Build Unshakeable Studying Confidence in Just 5 Days

Learn 5 powerful strategies to build an unshakeable foundation of studying confidence.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and traumatic school memories getting in the way of you acing your learning as an adult.

And instead say hello to studying with more motivation, positivity and ease so that you can graduate with the grades you want.

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Hey, I'm Chloe.

about chloe burroughs

I’m Chloe, a study skills expert who helps adult learners study efficiently and effectively so they can graduate with their dream grades (without disrupting their busy lives).

Through my book, podcast, membership community and online trainings, I inspire thousands of non-traditional students from all over the world to believe, “Holy crap, I can actually do this studying thing!”

With perseverance, a strong mindset and smart study strategies, ANYONE can achieve academic success.

The reason I know this? Because I’ve been that student that no one believed in. The student who was struggling and failing out and convinced they should just leave education for good.

Well, luckily for you my friend I turned it all around, smashed my studies and I’ve devoted the past seven years to becoming a learning expert so I can help you do the same.

Here are my top articles to get you started.

When our initial study motivation and determination runs out, we’re often left with the feeling that learning sucks. There are some concepts we can’t grasp, or that take ages to sink in. Or we’re set study tasks that make our brains hurt. When we get stuck, when we experience that ‘learning sucks’ feeling – it’s

Why Learning Sucks (And If It Doesn’t You’re Not Doing It Right)

Let’s dive into what a growth mindset actually is…Do you ever think these things when you’re studying?I’m just not that smartThis is too hard, I want to give upI don’t get this at allI can’t improveYou’re either good at studying or not…and I’m not.These statements are elements of a fixed mindset – which Carol Dweck,

How to Develop a Growth Mindset and Achieve Higher Grades

Essay writing is HARD, right? So many rules, such a long, drawn-out process. Over the last four years I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of students to help them improve their essay writing skills. And now I want to share with you the most common essay writing mistakes I see so you can identify areas for

Stop Making These 13 Essay Writing Mistakes

Here's what my students say.

Ashleigh Pearce

International Studies graduate

Before receiving help from Chloe I was struggling to meet the scores I needed for my course and at the end of my second year of university I was failing.

I struggled with motivation, mindset, confidence and the critical thinking skills I so badly needed.

When I first signed up to work with Chloe I was nervous but I shouldn’t have been. Chloe presents and breaks down each step very well and it is such an enjoyable experience working with her.

By the end of the programme I was extremely motivated and felt I had gained skills that would help me improve in almost all areas of my work. I was able to use the tools Chloe gave me to think differently about assignment questions and my results improved from 60% to 80%.

The help Chloe has given me throughout my third year was invaluable and the only regret I have is not getting involved with her sooner.

Michelle Atkinson

CIMA accounting student

I came to Chloe stuck. I’d failed my last exams TWICE and was starting to lose hope that accountancy was for me.

But Chloe convinced me that with new study strategies and confidence I’d see different results so I jumped into one of her programmes. It was incredible.

I loved that Chloe gave us time to try the strategies. It felt amazing to walk away with a study plan and routines that I could put into practice straight away.

I used to spend hours each week procrastinating and trying to plan. After working with Chloe, that disappeared as I had a new plan and new habits that worked immediately.

And the best news? I passed my exams the third time around!

Sarah Menzies

Business Management student

As a previous student, Chloe understands the pressures we're going through and can offer tailored support when you need it, and in creative ways.

Her study skills strategies are great and helped me change how I work so instead of repeating the same mistakes, I changed my way of thinking.

I always struggled with essay writing, especially writing concisely, sticking to the question and using critical thinking. I implemented Chloe's advice and my essay grades soared. I went from achieving essay grades between 55-65% to essay grades of 75-85%.

Chloe’s friendly, open approach is what embeds her system. She starts off being your study skills trainer, but quickly and easily becomes your ‘critical friend’.

I would recommend Chloe to anyone with a desire to achieve the very best they can.