Have you decided to return to study after a few years (or decades!) out of education?

Maybe your study skills are a bit rusty.

Maybe you've got some bad school memories

Maybe you're clueless about how to fit studying into your already busy work and family life....

...but you've made the big, incredible decision to go back to school.

The Return to Study Handbook is written for non-traditional students, by a non-traditional student who's been there, done that and got the graduation cap to prove it. This book will give you the strategies, tools and advice to help you achieve the grades you need for the future you want...and actually enjoy it along the way!

The book is available worldwide in paperback, hardback and as an ebook.

Here's some links to just a few places you can find it..

Book Reviews

A good support 

This is a great book for anyone returning to study. I am in my third year of a part time degree and using the tips in the book. I managed to increase my grades. Would definitely recommend.


Full of useful advice

I have just returned to study with the Open University, as the author did. Full of good advice about time keeping and your relationship with your tutor. It has helped me aim for good grades despite the time constraints, as the author had done herself. Not too long and full of practical advice.


Emma B.

Must have for anyone returning to study

Made my way through this in three sittings. Very helpful advice / tips which means I feel far more prepared and confident about my upcoming studies. Layout is great and I love the “to do list” at end of each chapter outlining next steps. Would recommend 🙂


BINGO! The only Study Skills book you will need!

Chock full of great ideas and ways to incorporate them. I bought 4 different study skills books since I am a 54 yr. old returning to college after a LONG hiatus, (none of you business, so don’t ask, lol). All of the books have helpful tidbits, but this book gives LOADS of GREAT information! It is the first self-help book that I have read almost all of. And actually, I am looking forward to reading the rest of it this weekend. I’ve never been able to get through these types of books, seriously. If you want to buy only one Study Skills book, make it this one and save your money. Sadly, I spent a fortune.



Andy Crisp

Cracking book

As someone who has returned to study as I rapidly approach the wrong side of 40, I didn’t have a clue where to start! This book is amazing. It’s packed with top tips and I’ve learned so much from reading this book. I’ve also subscribed to the authors podcast ‘Chloe Made Me Study’ as it’s clear that the author knows her stuff. If you’ve made the decision to study again and don’t know where to start, you can’t go far wrong with this book.


What you forgot about school

This book explains the good, the bad, and the ugly of the returning adult learner! She covers many topics such as mindset, motivation, organization, and the dark side of productivity in an easy-to-read way. As a returning adult learner and the age of 50, I have forgotten more than I thought. Being a hybrid online school, this book helped me refocus on how to learn, balance my time, strength, and weaknesses to be successful in school.