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Do you feel like you've never been taught HOW to learn and study?

Do you wish you could achieve higher university grades?

Do you wish you could achieve better results in less time and with a lot less stress?


  • You've been trying to improve your grades for a while but nothing seems to work. You NEED higher marks but you're beginning to lose hope
  • Or, you're about to start your degree after years out of education and you're terrified you're going to fail
  • You're strapped for time and energy for studying so you want to learn the smart strategies you should be using to get more bang for your buck (i.e. higher grades in less time)
  • You're not sure if you're even capable of achieving much higher grades as you've been stuck at the same level for awhile. But you're willing to try
  • You feel like you're mostly just 'winging' your studying. You were never taught HOW to learn effectively and it feels overwhelming to try to teach yourself.

So here's the problem (and it isn't your fault)

We're not born with study skills - they need to be taught or developed over time.

The problem is - school and then university don't focus on teaching you these skills. They focus on teaching you the material instead.

While your university teaches you WHAT to study, it doesn't actually teach you HOW to study.

That means YOU have to take responsibility for developing the study skills you need to achieve the grades you want. 

But, you don't have to go it alone...

Chloe Burroughs head shot

Hi, I’m Chloe.

I’m a study skills expert on a mission to help non-traditional students like you achieve the grades you need for the damn awesome career and life you want.

I completed my degree through distance learning while working full-time so I DEFINITELY understand the struggle to fit studying in around all your other commitments.

I did NOT do well at school. Everyone overtook me whereas I slipped backwards. My grades dropped massively as did my confidence because I realised I just didn't know how to learn effectively. I ended up leaving school with low grades and an even lower opinion of myself as a learner.

I took a few years out to travel and work which helped me regain the confidence to return to study as a mature student. When I first started my degree I felt lost. I had no systems in place and I just didn’t know how to study. I felt like I was making everything up, just winging my way through each essay and exam.

There were times when I thought, ‘maybe I’m just a bad student? Maybe I’m just not cut out for university’.

Luckily for me, I’m stubborn. So, on top of studying, I spent time researching HOW to study effectively. I tested and tweaked heaps of study strategies until I discovered exactly what works. My grades soared, as did my confidence, and I graduated with a First Class degree.

Since then I've helped hundreds of students develop a more confident, resilient mindset as well as awesome study skills around productivity, note taking, essay writing and exam revision. 

Because of this knowledge and experience, I'm able to help students like you get the university results you’ve always wanted (but perhaps never thought you could achieve).