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What if you could master essay writing and set yourself up for higher essay grades and easier essays just a few hours?


  • You spend hours and hours and work really hard on your essays but your grades still aren’t high enough
  • Or, you know you should spend more time on your essays but you find essay writing so difficult you can’t motivate yourself
  • Your grades are low and you’re starting to lose hope that it’s even possible for you to achieve higher
  • Or, you’ve been stuck at the same level for a while and just need that tip over into the grades you’d LOVE
  • The advice from your tutor is often vague or you struggle to get hold of them at all for guidance
  • Your essay questions might as well be written in another language cos you have no idea what they’re really asking
  • Or, you think you understand the question only to find out in your feedback (and low marks) that you didn’t at all!
  • You've been told you need to develop your ideas and engage in more analysis and critical thinking…but you’re stumped about what to do differently
  • You wish your essays flowed more. You’re never sure how to organise your thoughts so the order makes sense
  • You really struggle with low-confidence when you’re writing. You often look at what you’ve written and feel like just hitting the delete button
  • You've been told you need to be more concise and ‘academic’ but writing is not your strong point
  • You're not really sure how to edit your essay properly so you plump for just a few quick readthroughs before you submit
  • You know the conclusion is a really important part of an essay but you struggle to do anything but repeat ideas from the main body
  • What the crap is referencing?! Why is it so confusing?

You don't need me to tell you that a lack of essay writing skills is holding you back

Writing a great essay requires a few things:
- understanding of what an essay actually is...and what it isn't
- knowledge of the different stages in the essay writing process
- tools to get over writer's block, self-doubt and that period where you're so stuck in the weeds of your writing that you have no idea if what you've written is good or only good for lining a cat litter tray
- skills and strategies to plan, write and edit your essay and write clear, strong, well-evidenced arguments
- a bit of practice!

Apart from the practice part (setting you a load of essays to write), how many of these ingredients does your school or university teach you?

For about 99% of students (me included) that's NONE.

Therefore, it's not your fault you don't know how to write an essay, because we don't know what we don't know.

We're not born with study skills - they need to be taught and developed over time.

We MUST be taught what good essay writing is, and the skills needed to write a great essay, because there's a lot of easy mistakes to make and ineffective methods out there.

The problem is - your university doesn't focus on teaching you these skills.

They focus on teaching you the material instead.

Your tutor is supposed to give you feedback on the areas you could improve upon with each essay.
But they often just tell you WHAT you're doing wrong and WHAT you need to improve, when really you need the step-by-step HOW.

This means YOU have to take responsibility for developing your essay writing skills so you can find the whole essay process easier and achieve the grades you need for the career you want.

If you're finding essay writing difficult right now, I have the solution.
You don't have to go it alone...


  • Have a step-by-step, repeatable process you can follow to write all your future essays much more easily
  • Actually understand what a good essay looks like and what your tutor needs to see to award you high marks
  • Have a toolkit of strategies to structure your writing, build strong arguments, engage in critical thinking, evidence your ideas, write concisely and polish your work
  • Finally feel confident about essay writing. You'll know how to push through challenges and you'll feel proud and positive when you hit that submit button because you'll KNOW you've written a good answer
  • Drastically reduce your essay writing stress...and you may actually *shock horror* enjoy the process!
  • Write essays in less time and with less procrastination so you have more time for the things you want to do #helloNetflix
  • Achieve higher grades so you can graduate with the degree classification you need to progress.

It's time to stop losing marks on your essays.

It's time to stop procrastinating over essay writing because you lack the confidence and skills to get going.

It's time to start writing essays in a simpler, more enjoyable way so you can achieve the great essay grades you really want.

You're invited to join me for the...

Essays With Ease


During this virtual, recorded workshop, I'll teach you the simple, step-by-step strategies you need to write a great essay with more confidence and less stress.

Spend half a day with me and I'll teach you the techniques you need to improve your essay writing skills so you can achieve better grades in all your future essays.

Enrol now for just £120


I'll teach you my 9 ingredients for great essay writing and my simple 8-step essay writing process that'll take you from procrastination and overwhelm to proactive and organised.

You'll learn step-by-step how to:

  • Break down your essay writing into simple manageable steps - because we all know how overwhelming that blank page is!
  • Develop a strong essay writing mindset so that you can overcome writer's block, write with confidence, and hit that submit button with a tired but happy grin on your face 
  • Actually understand your essay question and how to answer it so that you can map out an essay that actually ticks all your tutor's boxes and nabs you the higher grades 
  • Write punchy introductions that make your tutor think "Ooh, this is gonna be a good one" 
  • Create clear, strong arguments that flow between paragraphs so that your tutor can follow your thinking and award you marks
  • Analyse your course material, think critically and develop your ideas so that you can reach those higher grades
  • Remove the fluff and waffle and write in an academic, concise style with correct grammar and punctuation so that your tutor enjoys reading your work and can clearly understand the points you're trying to make
  • Write strong conclusions that wrap up your essay in a neat, little, high-grade bow
  • Proofread and polish your writing so that you can meet the word limit and ensure each sentence delivers the impact needed to win you marks
  • Reference/cite accurately so that you can gain more marks and remove the risk of accidental plagiarism
  • Learn from your tutor feedback so that you can improve your skills and writing and increase your marks with each future essay.


1. Recorded 6-hour workshop filled with actionable exercises and step-by-step writing strategies you can use in your very next essay to achieve higher grades in less time with less stress

2. Essay writing worksheets bundle to speed up your future essay writing - including essay planning templates, essay directives cheatsheets proofreading checklists, feedback trackers, critical thinking cheatsheet, my Table Method guide

3. Lifetime access to the video recordings, slides and all resources so you can refresh and uplevel your writing skills for alllllll your future essays

4. Video recording of a 1.5 hour Q&A session with previous students. Improve your own skills and writing by watching me answer their questions AND help them break down and plan their upcoming essays.

Enrol now for just £120

ESSAYS WITH EASE will be PERFECT for you if...

  • You're a higher education student at university, college or studying for a professional qualification
  • You're studying a subject that requires you to write academic essays - where you must answer a set question or respond to a statement. I don’t need to be an expert in your subject-matter because I’ll be teaching you smart, universal writing strategies and showing you how to apply them to your essays - whatever the subject. I've worked with people studying: psychology, law, nursing, education, business, biology, economics, sociology, veterinary medicine, criminology, dentistry, civil engineering, humanities...and more!
  • You know you need to raise your essay grades to achieve the final degree/qualification grades you really want
  • You're motivated and willing to try new techniques
  • You wish essay writing was less tear-your-hair-out-and-cry and more holy-crap-I-can-actually-do-this.

ESSAYS WITH EASE might NOT be for you if...

  • You’re studying at a lower level than university
  • You're looking for someone to write your essay for you. That's not me (and I’d highly recommend you step away from those services who claim they can do that)
  • You want specific guidance for a dissertation or thesis. There won’t be any specific advice around creating setting your own question, literature reviews, conducting your own research...etc. However, all the skills I’ll be teaching WILL be very useful for a dissertation/thesis: planning, writing and perfecting arguments; mapping out your writing process; objective, analytical, critical thinking; mindset and overcoming writer's block; academic, concise writing; proofreading and reviewing; referencing...etc.
  • You want specific guidance for a different type of assignment such as a report or reflective writing essay. The focus of Essays With Ease is teaching you the necessary skills to write a great essay in response to a set question or statement. While the strategies I teach will help you write other types of assignments, there will not be specific advice for them in the training.

So, what's the investment?

When I work one-on-one with students, my day rate starts at £300 to discover my step-by-step essay writing strategies and learn how to use them in your own essays.

But you can join Essays With Ease for just £120 and get my tried-and-tested roadmap for writing great essays with confidence and ease.

That's just £120 to learn the proven strategies you need to achieve better essay grades forever.

Here's your chance to transform your studying and grades in just half a day, are you going to take it?

Here's why you need to join TODAY

You could choose not to enrol and try to figure this out on your own. But, that's going to take you a lot longer and your results will be slower.

Each essay grade you achieve is impacting your final degree classification.
If you're achieving super high grades - woohoo! But if your grades are low, are getting lower, or are not at the level you want to graduate with, it's time to act NOW. The longer you wait to improve your grades the harder it's going to be. 

And, if we're totally honest with each other? If you could figure this out on your own you would have done that already.

Instead, make your life easy.

Enrol in the workshop, learn how to write essays properly and go on to create awesome essays with less stress and overwhelm and more confidence and ease.

Why learn from me?

Chloe Burroughs head shot

Hi, I'm Chloe.

I'm a study skills expert on a mission to teach other students how to study effectively.

I left school at eighteen with lowww grades, zero study skills and crappy self-esteem.

After a number of years I plucked up the courage to return to study and enrol at university.
But, I knew something had to change.

I’d had almost no experience of essay writing at school so my first assignment was a SHOCK!
I had never heard of referencing before and when I first tried to understand it I laughed out loud (in that oh-so-funny way where if you don't laugh you'll cry!)

I had no method for essay writing. I just kept putting words on the page and then deleting them because they sounded shite. I had no idea how to write objectively and reading some guidance on how to use critical thinking just gave me a headache.

I’d get feedback from my tutor that either made me want to hide or just left me confused because I had no idea HOW to implement their suggestions.

My first essay grades weren’t great so I knew I had to do something different. Enrolling in university was a big investment for me and I didn't want to waste it. 

After cursing my schooling for not teaching me this stuff, I put on my big girl pants and started teaching myself.
So, alongside studying and my full-time job, I also taught myself how to study.

I read books and blogs, studied articles and scoured YouTube videos until I found the best, super-smart study techniques. I pestered my tutors for concrete advice until I understood what they needed to see from me to award me marks.

My stress dropped, my confidence grew, essay writing took a lot less time, AND my grades started to climb until I was achieving distinctions (over 85%) in every essay.

After four years I graduated with a First-Class degree, despite working full-time and despite being an academic failure at school.

Since then I’ve delivered study skills workshops for The Open University, published a study skills book and have taught essay writing skills and strategies to 100s of students from all over the world and studying 20+ different subjects.

I don't want you to struggle like I did. Studying's hard enough as it is, let me make the essay writing part easier and help you achieve the marks your hard work deserves.

Here's what some of my clients are saying

"Before I started working with Chloe I was only just scraping a pass with my essays which was really getting me down. I'd even had an assessment returned twice because I hadn't reached the pass mark. Learning from Chloe has changed everything because I now know how to write a good essay. I finally passed my assignment and since then I've been achieving between 90-95% in my essays which I NEVER thought would be possible. I actually enjoy studying now because my confidence in my abilities have grown. Chloe is truly amazing and she puts everything into helping students achieve their highest grades possible."

Alexandra Grzedzicki
Education and Psychology student

"My study skills used to be average and my essay grades were in the 50s and 60s. With Chloe's help I'm now feeling a lot more positive and I'm so excited to smash my degree. I've now achieved two 85% essay grades! If you want to improve your study skills and learn how to get high grades...Chloe's trainings are the only way forward - helpful guidance and a lovely person in general!"

Holly Richards
Law student

I was in a very bad place with my essay writing before working with Chloe and I was tying myself in knots about it. I kept procrastinating and putting it off and then stressing so much about it. I signed up with Chloe specifically to improve my essay writing skills and it worked - long live your Table Method! I really liked your presentation style, Chloe. It was engaging, bite-sized, fun and each module built on the previous one.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in has been my mindset. This term I’ve been procrastinating a lot less, my approach is more focused and my mindset is more confident and positive. I would definitely recommend your trainings to other students, even if you are a postgraduate student like me. You might not have been taught these skills in your professional life or previous academic journey. It’s important to build a solid foundation and fill in any missing gaps. Go for it! 

Education and International Development (MA) student

Do you want awesome results like these students?

Enrol now for just £120


Does it matter what subject I'm studying?

Nope! I don’t need to be an expert in your subject-matter because I’ll be teaching you smart, universal writing strategies and showing you how to apply them to your essays - whatever the subject. I've worked with people studying: psychology, law, nursing, education, business, biology, economics, sociology, veterinary medicine, criminology, dentistry, civil engineering, humanities...and more!

The important part is that you're studying a subject where you're tasked with writing an academic essay - a piece of writing where you need to answer a set question or respond to a statement. 


I ran the workshop live in February 2020 and am releasing the full recording to help more students improve their essay writing skills. You can go through the trainings at your own pace or binge them Netflix-style.

What do you mean by 'lifetime access'?

You will have a login to access all the training recordings, slides and PDF goodies for life. If/when I decide to remove the course you will be able to download everything first. So it's yours for keeps, forever.

Your tutor will likely give you feedback on your essays such as...

  • "You failed to answer the question, make sure you understand it first next time."
  • "You need to evolve your ideas and dig deeper into the course material."
  • "Your writing needs to be tighter. Try to get to the point more quickly."
  • "You need to be more critical in your writing. Be sure to evaluate the evidence."
  • "Your writing is too general. Be more specific and back up your ideas with more evidence and examples."
  • "You lost marks for referencing, make sure you know how to reference correctly.

What does all this feedback have in common?

It tells you WHAT the problem is and WHAT you need to improve, but not a scooby doo on HOW to actually improve these skills and do things better next time.

Essays With Ease focuses on action.

Step-by-step simple techniques. Templates and printables you can follow in your future essays. Cheatsheets to remind you of the key techniques. Examples of what to do and what NOT to do. Exercises to double-check your understanding.

Enrol in Essays With Ease and give yourself the gift of FINALLY understanding how to write a good essay

Enrol now for just £120

And a few more happy clients...

"As a previous student, Chloe understands the pressures we're going through and can offer tailored support when you need it, and in creative ways. Her study skills strategies are great and helped me change how I work so instead of repeating the same mistakes, I changed my way of thinking. I always struggled with essay writing, especially writing concisely, sticking to the question and using critical thinking. I implemented Chloe's advice and my essay grades soared. I went from achieving essay grades between 55-65% to essay grades of 75-85%.

Chloe’s friendly, open approach is what embeds her system. She starts off being your study skills trainer, but quickly and easily becomes your ‘critical friend’. I would recommend Chloe to anyone with a desire to achieve the very best they can."

Sarah Menzies
Business Management student

"Since starting my degree I have struggled to get anything higher than low 60s in my essays. My tutor feedback was always telling me that my writing was not concise, it was too descriptive, my structure needed work and I needed to express myself better. I started to doubt whether I was smart enough to do this degree but thankfully I found Chloe.

I applied her advice to my last essay and scored 77%! After telling Chloe my score she seemed so proud I had accomplished such a jump. I will always come back to Chloe for help in the future and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling."

Paige Maloney
Psychology student

"I came to Chloe at the end of my second year. I knew I needed to improve my marks otherwise it would be game over for becoming a barrister. I'd already tried really hard to achieve higher grades but I couldn’t. I felt stuck with no idea how to improve. Chloe doesn’t read law but she helped me achieve higher grades by teaching me fundamental essay writing skills. She brought the best out of me, identified my weak spots and helped me improve these areas. She finally made me see what I needed to do to write a high grade essay.

Working with Chloe is like having the person who wrote the essay question right next to you. She knows exactly how to break down tasks and simplify guidance, and she knows what techniques to use for different essays. Chloe is a very calm coach. She was always there for me and always used her full potential to help me.

My second year results pre-Chloe were 53, 54, 62 and 59. My third year results after working with Chloe jumped to 76, 74 and 76. With Chloe’s help I achieved the final grade I needed to meet the requirement for the Bar course. I am completely overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of my chest. The dream I thought was shattered has been rebuilt and I can now imagine myself standing in a courtroom wearing a Barrister’s wig…I can’t wait!”

Kate Anantasila
Law student

Do you wish essay writing was bloody easier?
I can help you.

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