You’ve put the effort into your university studying all year so you want to end on a high.

You know how important revision is to great exam grades.

Which is EXACTLY why you know your revision process could do with some work.


  • You struggle to find the time and energy to revise alongside your job, family (and a million other!) commitments
  • Whenever you DO sit down to revise, everything else suddenly seems like a good idea. Organise your sock drawer? Yes please. Watch 27 cute animal videos? Check!
  • You don’t know what revision strategies you should be using so you stick to the ol' faithful methods - write out your notes again, make some posters and reread the material
  • This is your first exam and you can't think straight for panicking. You feel so alone right now and you're just not sure where to start
  • In your last module you worked your butt off the entire time only to fall at the last hurdle - the exam. You’re not sure what went wrong in your revision but you CAN’T let your hard work go to waste again
  • You've Googled 'how to revise' but that's proven a bit of a minefield. The advice out there is either vague, complicated or just a bit CRAP. You just don't know what works 
  • As you study you feel like you’re understanding the material. But you just can’t seem to memorise much AT ALL during your revision
  • There’s too much to revise and not enough time. You’re kicking yourself for not starting your revision earlier. How are you supposed to remember all this? You feel so overwhelmed you might just take a nap...
  • You’ve never been an ‘exam person’ - taking exams just doesn’t come naturally to you.

So here’s the problem (and it isn’t your fault).


It’s a testing, often-lonely experience with a lot riding on the results.


Your 6-step Exam Revision Formula starts here.

STEP 1: Cut the overwhelm and create a clear, achievable revision plan

STEP 2: Build a solid revision foundation with powerful note taking

STEP 3: Stop wasting time on ego-boosting revision techniques – learn what REALLY works instead

STEP 4: Learn how to structure your revision so you ACTUALLY remember what you’re learning

STEP 5: Make sure every one of your revision sessions is focused and highly productive

STEP 6: Upgrade your mindset so you can feel calm throughout your revision and quietly confident as you walk into your exam.


But, it's about to get a whole lot simpler...

Chloe Burroughs head shot

Hi, I’m Chloe.

I’m a First-Class Business graduate on a mission to help other busy students achieve university success while juggling work or family commitments (and not going crazy).

I’ve been in your shoes, so I know how overwhelming exam revision can be. I know what it’s like for your head to feel too full of information, the feeling of worthlessness when you can’t seem to grasp a concept or remember what you JUST read.

While completing my studies (and working full time), I researched how to learn effectively so I could improve my study skills and achieve more in less time.

I tested and tweaked heaps of revision strategies until I discovered what works. My revision improved and soon I was achieving distinctions in every university exam. 

Because of this, I am able to help students like you get the university results you’ve always wanted (but perhaps never thought you could achieve).

Discover the powerful strategies you need to ace your university exams

ERF multiple screen mockups

Follow my 6-step system to remove overwhelm, gain confidence in your abilities and develop your own toolkit of tried-and-tested revision techniques.

When you enrol, you’ll get access to my entire programme which includes step-by-step video lessons, cheatsheets, templates and printables.



  • THE FORMULA > learn the 6 step system to powerful revision...without the panic and overwhelm.

How to create a clear achievable revision plan so you know what to do and when.

  • EXAM INVESTIGATION > understand your exam 'monster' so you're 100% prepared to fight it
  • REVISION SCHEDULE > grab all your resources and planners to fight overwhelm, keep you on track and help you squeeze the most out of your scarce revision time.

Learn the revision strategies you need to start off strong and finish with the exam grades you deserve

  • ACTIVE REVISION > ditch the pointless, ego-boosting revision techniques and learn what REALLY works
  • FANTASTIC NOTES > build your revision foundation with this simple method. Use my templates to speed up your note taking and turn your notes into revision guides...effortlessly
  • MIGHTY MINDMAPS > use my 6 step process for creating powerful mindmaps that guide your revision, organise your thoughts and trigger your memory in your exams
  • THE POWER OF FLASHCARDS > unleash the power of this simple, powerful (but often misused) revision method. Learn 10 top tips for crazy-effective, memory-boosting flashcards
  • RECALL OVER RECOGNITION > discover why rereading your notes is an illusion of competence...and why testing your knowledge is the key to exam success
  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXAM > find out why exam practice is vital to passing your exams. Learn the specific preparation strategies you should be using for 7 different types of written exam.

The secrets to memory hacking, efficient studying and believing you’ll pass your exam.

  • REMEMBER WHAT YOU LEARN > learn a simple strategy to structure your revision and implement these 7 science-backed memory hacks to boost your brain power and ACTUALLY remember what you learn (now wouldn’t that be useful?!)
  • THE W.I.S.H METHOD > follow my 4-step method for highly productive and effective revision - saving you time and boosting your results. Discover 10 things you can do today to turn crippling procrastination into potent productivity
  • THE 3 CORE REVISION ACTIVITIES > discover the 3 ways you should be spending ALL your revision time, and how to structure your sessions so you're always improving your understanding and recall
  • STRONG REVISION MINDSET > learn how to overcome your fears and mindset niggles. Steal my powerful exercise you can do in a few minutes a day to de-stress and build your confidence...so you can ace your exams.

The strategies you need to feel prepared and powerful so you can kick butt in your exam. 

  • POSITIVE EXAM MINDSET > discover 4 common but crippling exam fears and my secrets to overcome them. Introduce a simple 2 minute exercise into your revision routine to calm your nerves and boost your exam performance
  • EXAM PREPARATION > follow my step-by-step process for preparing for your exam without the panic. Find out exactly what you need to do and bring to your exam so you don't make any silly mistakes
  • IN-EXAM STRATEGIES > discover my 30+ secret strategies to help you perform at your best in your exam. Learn how to structure your exam time so you gain as many marks as possible, and the tips and tricks you need to keep a cool head under pressure
  • FUTURE EXAM FOUNDATION > discover my 5 strategies for building your super-strong exam success foundation. Find out how to fit revision into your day-to-day studying so you save time and stress...AND so you can reach those higher grades.


BONUS #1 - Planners and Printables Bundle
Get better results faster with this bundle of 40+ pages of printables, worksheets and cheat sheets to level up your revision and take the stress out of your exam preparation.

  • Monthly and weekly planners
  • Revision session planner and task lists
  • Note taking templates
  • Essay question breakdown worksheet
  • Exam reviewer workbook...and many more!

"Before taking the Exam Revision Formula I was struggling with how to plan my revision. By taking the course I learned HOW to study and what to actually do – and the printables really helped too. I now manage my time so much better and I have a workable and flexible plan for my exam revision. Without a doubt, investing in the Exam Revision Formula course is the best £s I’ve spent in a while!"

Cara Abrahams, Psychology student


1. The Exam Revision Formula Training Course (16 video lessons)

2. BONUS Planners and Printables Bundle (40+ pages)

Enrol below for just £130


I don’t teach anything that I haven’t personally tested and seen great results with. I’ve researched effective learning and created my own revision methods over years of university study. I now want to teach you these powerful strategies in an actionable way so you can experience amazing exam results too. If you complete the exercises and try out the strategies and then feel this material did not work for you as promised, you are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchasing this course. It’s simple. Take the course and see if it works. If it doesn’t, email me within 30 days of purchase and tell me that you’re doing the work but not getting results. I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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How to get started...

  • Click the 'enrol now' button to submit your payment and join Exam Revision Formula
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  • Jump straight in, learn lots and implement the advice so you can ace your exams
  • You will also get ‘Lifetime Access’ to this course, meaning you can come back and go through the training again for your next exam.


Can I complete the course in my own time?

How much time does the course take?

Is this course worth the money?

Is there really any information inside this course that I couldn't find online for free?

What if this is my first university exam? Is this course for beginners?

What if I only have a week to revise?

This course will be PERFECT for you if...

  • You're studying for a written exam in an essay-based subject such as humanities, social sciences...etc.
  • You have your first university exam coming up and need clear, step-by-step guidance on how to revise effectively
  • You haven’t studied in a long time and need to brush up on your revision techniques
  • You have a busy life (work, family...etc) and just want to know what works so you can make the most of your (pretty scarce) revision time
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the different revision strategies and want to learn a simple, effective system
  • You want to use proven, science-backed revision strategies, but you don’t have the time to try and figure it all out yourself
  • You struggle with procrastination and want to learn how to stay focused during revision
  • You want to improve on your previous exam grades so are looking for the techniques to level up your revision to get you those high grades
  • You have no problem putting in the effort and work as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic step forward to getting the exam grades you REALLY want.

This course might not be for you if...

  • You're studying for an oral exam
  • You're studying a maths-focused subject with exams based solely on calculations
  • You can’t commit to making revision a priority in your schedule
  • You're not willing to work your butt off, get uncomfortable and relearn how to revise
  • You have less than 48 hours to revise for an exam.

"I am currently studying for a Masters in Audiological Science while working. I work in Bristol, study in London, and live in Bath, so my study time is limited! Revision was my weakest link but I always made the effort to ensure I had good notes after lectures. When I came to revise, I would read through them and feel like I had gone over everything. However, once I sat down in the exam, and read the paper, I would suddenly feel panicked and unsure if I could answer everything confidently.

Chloe taught me to be aware of the difference between recognition and memory and explained the importance of active revision methods. For my summer exams, I dedicated a lot of time to implementing her advice: testing knowledge with flashcards and practising with past exam papers. This helped me so much, and I don’t think I would have been able to confidently finish my exams without these tips. My first year is done, but I still have two more to go, and I know I will be using Chloe’s tips and tricks until graduation. I can’t recommend her advice enough! Thank you Chloe!"

Lucy French, Audiological Science student

The Exam Revision Formula is a complete beginning-to-end revision system rather than bodging together 47 different pieces of exam advice and hoping for the best.

Cut the overwhelm and take control of your revision and exam success today.

Enrol today for just £130