Graduate with your dream grades in less study time each week.

The Kickbutt Students Club is for you if...

  • You're ready to have an easier studying life *and* improve your results so you can graduate with your dream grades.
  • You're an adult learner in higher education, studying for an undergraduate degree, masters or postgraduate qualification in any subject.
  • You tick 1, 2 or all 3 of the non-traditional boxes: 1) mature student, 2) online/distance learner, 3) studying while working and/or raising a family.
  • You struggle to find the time to fit your studying in around your busy life. It feels like you're always either studying or thinking about studying which means it's taking over your life.
  • You had a few years (or decades) out of education and you're worried that you don't really know how to study effectively. Your study skills feel rusty and you often doubt your abilities to study at this level.
  • Procrastination is an all-too-familiar friend. It often takes you ages to sit down to study and when you do you find yourself distracted and doing anything but studying. You struggle to stick to your study plans and you often feel unmotivated and unfocused after a long day of work.
  • Studying at home alone can feel lonely and it can be difficult to shut yourself away and motivate yourself to study by yourself.
  • You don’t always feel supported by your tutors / lecturers. The answers they give are vague or unsupportive. They don’t always reply to your emails and you sometimes feel lost in the sea of alllll the students they have to support.
  • You're ready to streamline your studying routines and process so you can get your studying done when you say you will, get higher grades *and* have more time for you.

You *can* achieve better grades in less study time each week.

How often do you find yourself procrastinating, losing focus, doubting yourself, feeling overwhelmed?

All of this is wasted time that you could be spending NOT-studying, or using it to achieve higher marks.

Add to this the time you're wasting by not studying in the right way or by focusing your limited energy on the wrong tasks.

Through no fault of your own, you are not studying in the most efficient way.

This is not your fault.

The problem is, you've never been taught how to study.

Yes, you are motivated.
Yes, you are determined.

But, you've never been taught specifically how to study effectively, as an adult learner with a busy life.

Your schooling up until now has focused on teaching you stuff, not teaching you how to learn stuff in the most efficient way.

This is where the Kickbutt Students Club comes in.

I've got over 7 years of experiencing supporting over 500 students to streamline their studying and graduate with their dream grades.

The KSC membership will be your *vital* sidekick as you further your education. 

It won't take up your time, it’s going to give you time back so you can achieve better results in *less* time each week.

You don’t have to get involved in every part of the KSC, simply pick the elements that are going to serve you at this point in your studies.

You can have an easier studying life

A virtual membership of study support, accountability and community that will help you: fit studying into your already busy life; study *less* each week; feel more confident and motivated day-to-day; and ultimately graduate with your dream grades more easily.

Here’s what you get when you enrol in the Kickbutt Students Club


You’ll join a private community with the other KSC members. Students from all over the world studying all sorts of subjects but with a common goal – furthering your education as an adult with a busy life.

No social media distractions here, just an inspiring place to get to know other awesome students. You’ll be able to share your struggles and celebrate your wins with people who get it.


At any time, post in the community with any and all your studying questions and get an answer within 24 hours (Mon to Fri). Unlike your tutor/lecturer, I won't ignore you, leave you hanging for days or simply tell you ti re-read the module handbook or the guidance for your essay. Instead, you’ll get in-depth, empathetic coaching and advice that is tailored to your specific situation, that takes into account your subject, learning style, academic goals and non-studying life.

I’ve worked with 100s of students in the past 7 years on every single studying and mindset topic imaginable. Using my coaching expertise, I adapt my approach to help *you* get unstuck. If you need a gentle approach, I’ve got you. If you need some tough love, I can do that too. If you need support taking the swirling mass of overwhelm out of your brain so you can move forward, I’ll be there.

You’ve also got our Community Coordinator, Becky, on hand who has over 10+ years of experience as a student advisor at two different universities.


Within the private community you’ll have access to a simple system to help you set and achieve your study goals. Take just two minutes three times a week to complete the prompts and you’ll build quick, simple study habits that will allow you to finish up each week of your studies feeling happy and proud of your progress.

No more getting stuck and staying stuck. No more spiralling or losing time to endless procrastination. 


3 times a week, Becky and I will host virtual study sessions on Zoom where you’ll get to study alongside some of your kickbutt pals.

During each 2-hour session we’ll study in focused intervals, with breaks in between to keep you feeling fresh. These coach-led sessions will boost your motivation and productivity and help you train your brain so you can reduce procrastination and stay focused for longer in all your study sessions.

3 times a week in the KSC there are coach-led study sessions with other members – usually between 5-15 students in each session. We’ll study together and you’ll benefit from all the lovely benefits of co-regulation – more focus, less distractions, more positivity and more overall progress.

You don’t have to speak and you can keep your camera off the whole time if you want. The sessions change day/time each week and you don't have to stay for the whole thing. Currently the sessions are weekday evenings (19:00-21:15), weekends (either starting at 11:00 or 13:00), or weekday mornings/early afternoons – all UK time.


Outside of the coach-led sessions, you’ll be able to organise your own study sessions in the Zoom room at any time. Simply check in the private community to see if anyone’s around and wants to join you. This may feel a bit scary at first but I PROMISE you these are amazing. Once you experience the productivity you’ll have in the coach-led sessions you’ll want to join more so you can feel less alone in your studies and get some serious shit done.


This is your chance to not only get my personalised, expert study advice, but to also learn from the questions other students bring.

Need a pep talk? Struggling to stay focused? Got a mindset issue that’s making you miserable? Panicking about an upcoming essay or exam? I’ll help you get unstuck and moving again.

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry. The calls are recorded (my face only) and you can presubmit questions.


When you first join, you’ll get immediate access to the 3-step Progress Methods where you’ll learn my simple weekly planning and review process that will seriously skyrocket your productivity and results. You’ll also access mini-trainings and resources to support you with essay writing, mindset and motivation.


Bonus trainings held live on Zoom (with access to the recordings). These will either be run by me and cover study skills topics such as habit building and mindset, or I’ll bring in external experts. All of these are designed to make your studying life easier and more enjoyable.

We've had 2 so far:

Study Goals: How to Achieve Them in 2 Simple Steps

The Happy Student – How to Feel More Motivated, Positive and Confident DAILY


Referencing workshop

Then, I'll be bringing in an external expert to offer a workshop that supplements your studying – think stress-relieving yoga, desk stretches, mindfulness, meditation.


That’s right, there’s KSC merch. When you enrol I’ll send a super awesome welcome pack of goodies to you in the post, wherever you are in the world!

10. KICKBUTT STUDY CAMP SEPTEMBER 2024 (Worth £150. Included in All Access plans only)

September 2024, I’m running a programme of study skills workshops, resources and support to upskill you ready for your next academic year (necessary as you need to uplevel your studying abilities as your course progresses). I ran a similar programme September 2023 and 65 incredible students took part, setting themselves up for their best academic year yet.

The Camp will cover time management, organisation, mindset, habits, productivity, reading and note taking – the perfect opportunity to boost your study skills so you can get the grades you really want.

Monthly membership students will have the option to join separately, or you can save money and enrol on an All Access plan (more details below) which includes enrolment to the Camp.

Life is for living, not just studying.

I don’t want you to devote every free hour to studying. I don’t want your years of completing your qualification to be a weight around your shoulders; a challenge you’ve just gotta push through.

I want you to enjoy the process of furthering your education.

I want you to fit your studying into your life – rather than feeling like it’s taking over.

I want you to complete your dream qualification with your dream grades – while continuing the hobbies and interests that you love.

When you join the Kickbutt Students Club you get to see just how good studying as an adult can be.

What's the investment to become a Kickbutt Student who graduates with their dream grades more easily?

Just £37 a month.

Choose to join on a monthly membership that's flexible and can be cancelled anytime (like Netflix). There's also the option to pause your membership over the summer if you have a few months between modules.

Or, enrol on one of the All Access plans which includes 12 months of membership plus September's Kickbutt Study Camp (more details below).

After learning how to be a Kickbutt Student, you'll...

  • Complete all your tasks in *less* study time each week  – hello study/life balance!
  • Achieve higher grades because you're studying with more focus and productivity.
  • Stay on track with your studies as the KSC holds you accountable to make your studying happen with less procrastination and doubt.
  • Finally feel confident as a learner. You’ll have learned simple mindset tweaks and study strategies to reduce the amount of time you spend feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 
  • Feel encouraged and supported by the community and you'll no longer feel isolated on your studying journey. You'll be around people who get it and who are going through the same ups and downs as you.
  • Study more strategically. You'll finally learn the best ways to study for *your* subject, course, situation and learning style. You'll spend less time on activities that aren't actually helping you get good grades. Which means more time for you to relaaaaax.
  • Experience 100X better support than your university or tutor offers. You'll get fast, personalised, empathetic advice and coaching that meets you where you are and leaves you feeling confident and motivated to study.
  • Have developed better study skills and built better study habits that you can use in all your future learning to achieve better grades more easily.

Here's the thing: you don't need me.

You are a born learner and you’ve proven to yourself over and over that you can do hard things and you can learn new skills. You have the abilities to achieve the studying life and results you want.

Here's the REAL thing: you'll find studying easier and seriously increase your chances of graduating with your dream grades with me at your side.

You know that procrastination, distraction, lack of time, overwhelm and doubts are holding you back.

But it's not that easy to overcome these yourself.

You may have to *do* your degree yourself. But the Kickbutt Students Club can be right by your side supporting you and cheering you on.

Wins from Kickbutt Students Club members

The best studying decision you'll ever make is just a few clicks away.

Why learn from me?

Chloe Burroughs at her laptop


I wasn't a perfect student. I almost failed out of Sixth Form and I was told I wasn’t capable of studying at a university level. But I proved my teachers wrong, invested in learning how to learn, and achieved a First-class degree while working full-time. I’ve not had an easy breezy studying life which means I do not underestimate how hard it is to further your education as an adult. I’m here to support you during the highs and the lows.


I’ve been where you are, so I get it. I studied as a mature student and distance learner, completing a degree while I worked full-time anddd tried to have a social life and hobbies.


I’ve worked with the largest university in the UK, the distance-learning specialist, The Open University. I’m a student ambassador and have taken part in their television and radio campaigns. I’ve delivered study skills workshops to their students and worked with their tutors to teach them how to better support their learners.


I’ve got 7+ years of experience supporting over 500 adult learners to study smarter, so they can achieve their dream grades more easily. Every year, more and more of my KSC members are achieving top degrees as their grades soared after joining the membership.


A publisher contracted ME to write The Return to Study Handbook – the study skills bible for mature students, distance learners and those studying while working.


I’m a details gal. No vague advice here. When you reach out for support in the membership, I’ll give you practical, step-by-step advice to improve your studying and assignments.


I’m a really nice person. Working with me is not like working with a stern tutor who shames you for mistakes and makes you doubt yourself. I radiate warmth, positivity and optimism to all my students because learning is hard and I am not gonna make it harder.


I truly believe that anyone who is brave enough to return to education can graduate with their dream grades. I’ll support you to cultivate your confidence, habits and strategies so you can achieve higher marks with more ease in less study time. So you can make your hefty investment of time and money worth it and get the degree classification you really want.

These Kickbutt Students Club members graduated with their dream grades

Choose your Kickbutt Students Club plan


£37 per month

The most flexible option. Perfect for testing the waters or if you're in the final part of your qualification. Cancel any time.

  • Rolling, monthly access to the membership
  • Members-only community
  • Daily support + coaching
  • Study planning accountability
  • Weekly virtual study sessions
  • Members-only, 24/7 study room
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Study skills mini-trainings + resources
  • Bonus workshops
  • Physical welcome pack
  • Kickbutt Study Camp September 2024


1 payment of £446 (saving £111)

The best value option. 12 months of membership and support, including the epic Study Camp next September.

  • 12 months of access to the membership
  • Members-only community
  • Daily support + coaching
  • Study planning accountability
  • Weekly virtual study sessions
  • Members-only, 24/7 study room
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Study skills mini-trainings + resources
  • Bonus workshops
  • Physical welcome pack
  • Kickbutt Study Camp September 2024


12 monthly payments of £41
(saving £65

The same 12 months of membership, support and next year's study camp split into 12 equal monthly payments.

  • 12 months of access to the membership
  • Members-only community
  • Daily support + coaching
  • Study planning accountability
  • Weekly virtual study sessions
  • Members-only, 24/7 study room
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Study skills mini-trainings + resources
  • Bonus workshops
  • Physical welcome pack
  • Kickbutt Study Camp September 2024

Graduate with your dream grades in less study time each week.

Your questions, answered

Which membership plan is right for me?

The KICKBUTT MONTHLY is the standard, rolling subscription. Like Netflix, you can cancel this whenever. It's great for students who want to try out the membership or who only have a few months left of their course or current module.

The ALL ACCESS ANNUAL is a 12-month subscription in one payment. This is the best value for 12 months of support and it includes next September's Kickbutt Study Camp workshop and training programme worth £150.

The ALL ACCESS MONTHLY includes the same 12 months of support and the Study Camp however this is split into a payment plan of 12 equal monthly payments.

If you're not sure which option to choose or if you'd like to discuss a different payment plan, please email me at

Alternatively, send me a DM over on Instagram @chloe.burroughs and we can chat there.

For instance, if you don’t need 12 months of membership (maybe cos you’re in your final year) but you’d like to pay in one go, let me know when your academic year ends and I’ll send you a special link to pay upfront in one lower payment.

How do the virtual study sessions work? When are they?

THREE times a week we run a two-hour virtual study session on Zoom where you can study alongside me and the rest of your kickbutt student pals.

The days and times change each week and the sessions are published two weeks in advance. There is 1-2 sessions on weekday evenings, 1 session weekday morning/afternoon and sometimes 1 on weekend mornings/afternoons. You'll also have 24/7 access to the Zoom room to study with the other members.

The coach-led sessions will boost your motivation and productivity and help you train your brain so you can reduce procrastination and stay focused for longer in all your study sessions.

During each session there will be time for questions, uninterrupted study intervals, and short breaks to keep you feeling fresh. You’ll be whizzing through your to-do list! The sessions will change time each week. I’ll even record them so you can use them during your solo study sessions to help you stay focused and on track.

Here's what a typical session looks like:
19:00 > welcome, catch up, and we'll share our study tasks for the session
19:10 > focused study session 1 (microphones muted, cameras left on so we feel like we're studying together)
19:35 > break (stretch, take a bathroom break, grab a snack)
19:40 > study session 2
20:05 > break
20:10 > study session 3
20:35 > break
20:40 > study session4
21:05 > wrap-up, share wins + additional time for any study questions.

Does it really not matter what subject I'm studying?

Nope. I don't need to be an expert in your subject-matter because I'm an expert in learning and study skills.

I am not a tutor who will teach you the content of your course. I am a study skills trainer who will teach you the strategies and mindset shifts you need to improve how you study, so you can get better grades forever.

This means I can help a wider range of people studying a wider amount of courses. I studied Business but I've worked with students from every subject imaginable from undergraduate to postgraduate courses.

How much time is the membership going to take?

My aim is NOT to give you a million videos to watch or posts to read – you’ve got enough of that in your studies, right?

Instead, I’ve designed the Club to offer various elements of support, coaching and training and you’re free to pick and choose which parts you get involved in.

You’ll be able to reap the benefits of the accountability and motivation aspects in as little as 20-30 minutes a week – time you will get back 10X over in productivity and progress.

Each week there are three 2-hour virtual study sessions you can join where you'll get SO MUCH MORE done than you would by yourself – so you'll actually save time.

What support will I get?

You can ask questions in the private Circle community anytime and either Becky, our Community Coordinator, or I will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

If you participate in the weekly accountability posts you will also get my feedback on your study plans, my expert study advice and mindset coaching to help you progress. Support also includes the weekly virtual study sessions and the monthly group coaching calls.

Please note that the membership does NOT include one-on-one calls or email support.

I have more questions about whether this is right for me

While the Kickbutt Students Club is designed to support students studying any course or subject, I get that you may want to check whether it would work for your specific situation.

So if you have any questions or want to talk through your context, email me at

Alternatively, send me a DM over on Instagram @chloe.burroughs and we can chat there.

The Kickbutt Students Club wins just keep coming

Kickbutt Study Camp image 3

I am so, so excited to welcome you into the Kickbutt Students Club

I truly believe that anyone who's brave enough to return to studying has all the resources they need to achieve their dream grades. The KSC is designed to empower you to truly believe this for yourself.

Hands down the BEST part of my job is watching students transform in front of my eyes (or on a Zoom call!).

When I first start working with a student, I can see and hear their tension, doubts and overwhelm.

But with my support, coaching and guidance they become completely different students. They gain so much confidence, they start to enjoy hitting the books, and studying suddenly feels easy for the first time ever.

They increase their grades by 10/20/30/40+%, they can take more evenings and weekends off, they start dreaming bigger in their career as their confidence's pretty incredible.

I hope you join us in The Kickbutt Students Club so you can experience this reality and I can support you on your studying journey too. 

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