Nail Your Note Taking


What if you could master note taking and set yourself up for higher essay and exam grades forever...in just a few hours?


  • You don't know which note taking method you should use for your specific subject and learning style
  • You try to write in your own words but you slip back into copying the textbook. You know you should paraphrase but you don't know how 
  • Note taking takes up a large part of your study time and you're not sure the notes you create are worth the effort 
  • You're not sure how to work out what's important and what's not - it all seems important so you end up writing it all down
  • When you look back at your notes they're not helpful - they feel scattered and it's hard to find the key points   
  • You struggle to take notes in class. Your tutor moves so fast you can't get everything down
  • You want to use your notes to help you with your essays but you don't know how or you don't think they're good enough
  • You don't know how to revise from your notes or use them to improve your memory of the material
  • You struggle to keep track of your notes so you could do with some organisation tips
  • You want to make neat, attractive notes but it takes you too long. 

You don't need me to tell you that ineffective note taking wastes a lot of time.

Mediocre, verbatim (word-for-word) notes take a lot of time and seriously hinder your ability to understand and recall your material.

When you don't fully understand your material, it's harder to write a high-grade essay.
When you can't recall your material, it's pretty difficult to achieve a good exam grade.

Now, none of this is your fault, because we don't know what we don't know.

We're not born with study skills - they need to be taught or developed over time.

Work ethic study skills such as determination and motivation can be developed on their own.

But writing and assessment study skills such as note taking, essay writing and exam preparation MUST be taught -
because there's a lot of easy mistakes to make and ineffective methods out there.

The problem is - your school and university don't focus on teaching you these skills.
They focus on teaching you the material instead.

If you're finding note taking difficult right now, I have the solution.


  • Improve your understanding of your material
  • Remember and recall concepts way more easily
  • Boost your academic writing skills
  • Write clear, powerful essays with well-formed arguments #hellohighergrades
  • Find exam revision 10X easier and score more marks 
  • Save time each week and when you're planning your essays and preparing for your exams
  • Have an easier, happier studying life - now who wouldn't want that?!

It's time to stop wasting your precious study time and energy on crappy notes that aren't serving you.

It's time to start taking notes that help you understand and memorise your material, and achieve higher essay and exam grades.

You're invited to join me for the...

Nail Your Note Taking


During this virtual, recorded workshop, I'll teach you the simple, step-by-step strategies you need to take great notes so you can save time, understand and remember more, and achieve higher essay and exam grades.

Give me a few hours of your time and I'll teach you the techniques you need to nail your note taking forever.

Enrol now for just £45


  • Why we need to take notes and how to determine the level of note taking required for your course
  • How to organise and file your notes so you save time and can always find what you're looking for 
  • 5 common note taking mistakes and what to do instead to take kick-butt notes
  • Note taking in class vs. note taking independently - DOs, DON'Ts and tips
  • The two ESSENTIAL components for successful note taking
  • How to summarise text in your own words - because we know we should do this but no one taught us how! 
  • What to ACTUALLY write in your notes: what's important to include, what not to include - so you can save time and write a set of notes that isn't just a word-for-word copy of your textbook!
  • My super-awesome 7-step note taking method that's going to make the process a breeze and give you powerful notes that'll help you achieve higher essay and exam grades
  • How to master the 3 most popular note taking methods - I'll demonstrate the methods LIVE and you'll get a chance to have a go with each DURING the workshop 
  • How to make clear, visually-appealing notes - that DON'T take a lot of time (because you'd rather have time for valuable notes and a nap than super pretty notes) 
  • Handwritten vs. typed notes - how to choose the best method for you and some tips and tricks to get the best out out of them
  • How to engage in critical thinking during note taking - I'll take this unsexy, difficult task and show you my simple, step-by-step method for analysing your texts which will help you write those high-grade essays 
  • How to use your notes to prepare and write better essays - speed up your essay writing AND achieve higher grades - sounds good, right? 
  • How to use your notes to remember your material, revise effectively and ace your exams.


1. 2.5 hour recorded note taking training

2. A whole heap of shiz-hot worksheets, cheatsheets, templates and printables

3. Lifetime access to the video recording, slides and all resources 

4. Upgraded study skills you can use in all your future studies to achieve higher grades and have an easier studying life.

Enrol now for just £45

Chloe Burroughs head shot

Hi, I'm Chloe.

I'm a study skills expert on a mission to teach other students how to study effectively.
I left school at eighteen with lowww grades, zero study skills and crappy self-esteem.

After a number of years I plucked up the courage to return to study and enrol at university.
But, I knew something had to change.

My note taking used to be laughable (in that oh-so-funny way where if you didn't laugh you'd cry!)
I didn't have a method, I often skipped pages and pages because I couldn't work out what was important,
I didn't know WHAT I should even be including in my notes,
I would regularly lose my notes or look at a page and wonder where it came from and what it was referring to!

Part of the reason my grades were so low was because I couldn't use my notes.
They were no help at all when I had to plan essays.
And they were useless when it came to revision as they weren't clear or comprehensive.

I knew if I continued these bad study habits I'd be stuck with low grades.
Enrolling in university was a big investment for me and I didn't want to waste it.
So, alongside studying and my full-time job, I also taught myself how to study.
I read books and blogs and studied articles and scoured YouTube videos until I found the best, super-smart study techniques.

My stress dropped, studying took a lot less time AND my grades started to climb.
After four years I graduated with a First-Class degree and a First-Class smile on my face.
Shortly after I started this business and I've since helped thousands of students uplevel their study skills, boost their confidence and motivation, and achieve higher grades.

You need the HOW, not just the WHAT

Your tutors or student handbook will tell you what you need to be able to do:
- take notes in your own words
- pick out the key points
- summarise the arguments
- use your notes in your essay writing
- revise from your notes
- stay organised
- engage in critical thinking.

But they don't teach you the HOW that actually makes it possible. My trainings focus on action. Step-by-step, simple techniques.

If you've ever gotten value from my blog posts, emails or Instagram posts, you want to join this workshop and learn these strategies.

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I was struggling trying to study and work full-time. Taking notes took forever and they weren't even that good. I came to Chloe to see if she could help me improve my grades. After learning her strategies my grades have improved from the 60s to the 70s and 80s so I would definitely recommend Chloe's courses!

Josh Morton

 Civil Engineering student


Your techniques just work, Chloe. Now, note taking takes me a lot less time, I remember more of my material and my grades are higher - yippeeee!

Carla Moon

 Psychology student


I've taken a few of your courses and they NEVER disappoint. Sometimes I can't actually believe I'm the same person! I feel organised, motivated and completely confident in my study skills and abilities now thanks to you!

Karen Gray

 Law student


Does it matter what subject I'm studying?

Do I have to be at university?

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